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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 646: Alienation

Ernest curled up his lips into an understanding smile. However, he didn’t look at Dolores for a long time. Casually, he reached out to get the glass. He could take over the glass without touching her, but Dolores deliberately turned her hand to touch Ernest’s fingers. Suddenly, she looked up at him. Her eyes twinkled as if they were rolling waves. She looked so enchanting. Ernest’s face, however, was darkened. An obvious touch of disgust flashed through his eyes. Without any hesitation, he withdrew his hand. His disdain was unconcealed. The smile on Dolores’ face was stiffened suddenly. She was always proud of her appearance. No man could tear off their gaze from her. They always wanted to pounce at her. Since she was born until now, she had never encountered such a situation. She felt surprised. She felt embarrassed and awkward more. Her hand holding the glass stiffed in the mid-air. Her pretty face looked pale. Victoria didn’t feel surprised when watching the scene. She had expected it to happen. No matter how beautiful Dolores was, Ernest wouldn’t show it even if he had a crush on her. Now, Victoria realized that Dolores’ beautiful face had no impact on Ernest at all. She curled up her lips into a gentle smile. She said, “I forgot to introduce you guys. Ernest, she’s Flory’s cousin, Dolores. She’s also a descent of our Fraser family. She’s filial, coming to visit me here. So I asked her to serve the drink. “She’s not skilled in doing such things. Please don’t mind if she couldn’t do it well. ” On the surface, she was introducing Dolores, but in fact, she was telling Ernest Dolores’ identity. Dolores was from a family branch of the Fraser family, so she also had the blood to cure the genetic disease of the Turner family. If Ernest chose her, his disease would be cured as well. Ernest’s face returned to calm. Pressing his thin lips, he nodded. “I see. You are Flory’s cousin. Nice to meet you. ” He said she was “Flory’s cousin”, distancing himself from her. Dolores’ face became paler

” He was in the continuous program of postgraduate and doctor study, crazily obtaining the credits during that period. Hence, after half a year, Ernest had already passed all the necessary exams and got all kinds of certificates. “Only half a year?” Dolores was a bit surprised

. After a thought, she asked in uncertainty, “Are you the legendary straight-A student who has finished the continuous program of the postgraduate study and the doctor study in half a year?” Ernest slightly frowned. Upon Dolores’ reaction, no matter if he admitted it or not, she would continue chatting with him about KJ University. However, he wasn’t in the mood to continue chatting with her. It was just a waste of time, too meaningless. “I don’t know much about KJ University,” he said indifferently. At the same time, Ernest raised the glass towards Victoria respectfully. He said frankly, “Mrs. Fraser, you don’t need to thank me for anything. I’d like to have a toast with you -- as the apology for not agreeing to your suggestion. ”He looked serious, gazing at Victoria directly. He totally ignored Dolores. Dolores was forgotten, standing aside as a background board. She even couldn’t chime in their conversation. Ernest was about to talk about something serious. Any sensible person should leave now. However, Dolores came here not only for serving the drinks. She stood there motionlessly, looking embarrassed. She didn’t know whether she should leave or stay. Victoria slightly frowned, looking at Dolores with concerns. Dolores was a doting daughter of her family. If she was given to Ernest in this way and would be treated coldly, Victoria wondered if that would be a bad destiny for Dolores. However, she just hesitated for a short while. Victoria’s eyes became more determined. She looked at the glass in Ernest’s hand deeply and meaningfully. A dark light flashed through her eyes. Picking up her glass, she raised her glass towards Ernest. They clinked. “I won’t blame you. We have our reasons to do things. No matter how it would end up, it depends on our capabilities respectively. ”Her words were quite gentle but they sounded as if she was declaring war. Then, she raised her glass and gulped down the cocktail. Looking at Victoria, Ernest pressed his thin lips, gazing at the cocktail deeply and complicatedly. His fingers holding the glass were slightly tightened. He hesitated for just a short while, which couldn’t be seen on his ever-indifferent face. He picked up his glass and also gulped down the cocktail directly. Victoria looked at Ernest’s empty glass, her eyes twinkling. She felt a sense of guilt and somewhat relaxed