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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 297: All Because of You

In the hospital. Outside the surgery room, Florence was standing motionlessly like a log. Staring at the surgery with the red light on, she tightened her nerves so much that she felt numb. The scene that Ernest soaked in blood and fainted in her arms kept flashing through her mind. How could this man be so silly? At that critical moment, how could he push her away and let himself be hit? His life was still in danger right now. “Ernest! Ernest, my grandson! How’s he now?” An old woman’s voice sounded out from the other end of the corridor. With Johan’s help, Georgia walked over in a hurry with a huge group. Her loving and gentle face was covered with panic and fears. She had never expected that her extremely powerful grandson would have a car accident. Hadn’t he become strong enough long ago? Why would he get injured? Georgia walked over and saw Florence, who was standing there in a daze. Her body was covered with bloodstains. “Flory, how’s Ernest? Tell me. Is Ernest all right?” Georgia grabbed Florence and asked anxiously. Her voice was trembling. Many years ago, Ernest’s parents passed away. All through these years, she put all her effort into Ernest and let him take over the whole family business. Besides being her favorite grandson, Ernest was the only heir of the Hawkins family. If Ernest was gone, the Hawkins family would be doomed. Georgia was gripping Florence with full strength, and her fingers even made crimson marks on Florence’s arms. However, the latter seemed not to feel the pain at all. Being shaken for a long while, she finally came back to her senses. Looking at the aged and anxious old woman in front of her, Florence felt a sharp pang in her heart again along with guilt. With reddened eyes, Florence parted her lips. She uttered a few words in difficulty, “I don’t know. ” She didn’t know how he was doing now, if he had passed the critical period, or if he was fine now. The unknown facts were like a dark abyss, the darkness of which would swallow her alive, pull her into the dark, and make her unable to turn over. Looking at Florence’s pale face, Georgia felt sadder. She almost couldn’t catch up with her breath, and her body with the great sorrow that was tried hard to suppress was collapsing. “Ma’am!” Johan acted quickly and rushed up, helping Georgia up. He was the one who could remain reasonable now. He said with concerns and nervousness, “Ma’am, please don’t worry. Mr. Hawkins is still in surgery

You should die. Why did you have to pull our Ernest into the mire?” He was pointing at Florence’s nose when swearing at her, and Florence heard all his curses. Her numb nerve was triggered again -- his words again reminded her why Ernest would be lying in the surgery room

. If anything happened to Ernest, it was all because of her. She was responsible for it. “You keep silent, don’t you? I’ll beat you to death. ” Seeing that Florence didn’t speak, Barney rushed over to Florence in anger, raised his hand, and slapped her across her face. “Pak!” With the loud sound, Florence’s face tilted because of the slap. Her face became reddened and swollen instantly. She even tasted blood in her mouth. It hurt so much. But the pain couldn’t compare to the pain in her heart. If the time could be turned back, she’d rather that she would be the one to be hit by the car and be lying in the surgery room, suffering. Florence felt a choke in her throat. Facing the blames and curses, she had no thought to retort or fight back. Seeing that Florence didn’t resist or retort and instead she just let them hit and curse, Barney thought that she must be guilty and showing weakness for mercy. And the violent elements in his heart were all inspired instantly. “Okay! I’ll hit you to death for Ernest!” he cursed loudly and slapped Florence again across her face. He used so much strength that Florence could hardly stand upright. She staggered aside, feeling dizzy. The cursing voices and the sound of slaps were so harsh to the ear in the quiet corridor. Georgia looked at the scene, feeling so sad. In her extreme sadness, she tried hard to distract herself and wanted to stop Barney, but her arm was grabbed by Brianna. She failed to raise her arm at all. She had to suppress the choke in her throat and said in difficulty, “Stop it. ”“Honey, although it was Florence Fraser’s fault, she’s still a girl. Stop beating her,” Brianna said in a loud voice, totally covering Georgia’s voice. However, when she was speaking, Barney knew exactly what she was implying. The engagement between Florence and Ernest was always the biggest obstacle and threat. Now, Ernest was seriously injured because of Florence and dying, it was indeed a good time for them to twist the knife. In the future, even if Ernest was lucky enough to survive, Florence wouldn’t marry him because of the humiliation and torture she had experienced here today, which would be an insult to her dignity that she could never forget. There wouldn’t be a marriage between them at all