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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 425: Although It Meant kicking Against the Pricks

Trembling, Florence held up Victoria’s hand and begged her, “Mom, please, for the sake of me, please let of Tammy. ” Victoria also felt distressed for Florence when she saw her red-rimmed eyes. She pressed her lips and wiped away the tears on her face and then sighed in a low voice, “Flory, do you how frightened and distressed I was when I saw you lying on the bed with scratches and wounds on your body? I finally found you back and you’re my best treasure. When you get hurt, I feel like the flesh on my heart was cut. ” “Mom, I promise, I will do such a dangerous thing again. I will not get myself hurt again, really!” Florence hurriedly made a promise. She felt like a heavy big stone was hanging above her heart, making her feel breathless. Victoria continued, “I heard that when your brother shot at Ernest, you tried to block the bullet for him without even caring about your own life…” “I won’t do this again. ” Florence hurriedly interrupted her. She felt like there was a heavy big stone on her heart and she was so breathless. But she had no other choice because Tammy almost died of the punishment. Gritting her teeth, Florence looked at Victoria and said with difficulty, “As long as you can let go of Tammy, I promise I will not contact Ernest again. ” Shocked, Tammy abruptly looked up at Florence and said with complicated emotions, “Miss, you don’t have to…” “It’s my fault. And it has nothing to do with you. ” Florence took a deep breath and stared at Victoria. She said as if she was making an oath, “Mom, I promise, I will be obedient to your words in the future. I will stay away from Ernest. ” A touch of light flashed across Victoria’s eyes. She stared at Florence with a pair of sharp eyes as if she wanted to read through her mind and to know whether Florence was serious or not. She asked in a deep voice, “Are you serious?” “Yes. ” Florence nodded with difficulty. An inexplicable touch of comfort flashed across Victoria’s eyes. She reached out to Florence. “Now that you’re serious, give me your phone. ” Florence froze. The phone in her bag was the only way for her to get in touch with Ernest for the time being. “If you don’t want to do that, I will not force you. ” Victoria looked a bit disappointed and wanted to retreat her hand. The man began to hit Tammy again. The sound of bludgeoning and Tammy’s scream were quite unpleasant to ears, making Florence feel her heart wrenched. Florence’s face became pale and her body highly tensed up. She felt like a duck that was forced to a grill. “I… Here you are. ” She felt her throat extremely dry

” “It doesn’t matter. ” Florence took the phone card from Tammy with a touch of gloominess flashing across her eyes. She then gently patted Tammy’s shoulder

. She leaned to Tammy and said in whisper, “Don’t worry. I remember Ernest’s phone number. ” Moreover, it was just a stopgap because she must save Tammy first. How would she give up Ernest?It was pitiful that her WeChat account was bound up with the phone number and she had to apply for a new account. Tammy finally heaved a sigh of relief. She smiled with tears on her face, “Miss, you really scare me. If you cut the connection with Mr. Hawkins because of me, I would he so guilty. ”“You would not be bludgeoned if not because of me. ”Florence supported Tammy up from the ground feeling so sorry and then gingerly led her to find Collin. Her impression of Tammy was greatly improved after this. She was not only touched, but also shocked. Florence just joined the family not long ago and she was not that clear of the rules of the Fraser family. But Tammy grew up in the family, so naturally she was clear that once they found it out, she would be punish. And the punishment was so severe that she might even die. Although she knew what punishment and consequence it would have, Tammy still chose to help Florence. Florence would never forget her favor. Collin then treated Tammy’s wounds. Florence sent Tammy back to her room and finally felt a bit relieved. Seeing that Florence was not in a good mood, Collin heaved a sigh, “Flory, no one can go against or resist your mother, including your father and brother. You should try to forget Ernest and it’s time to give up. ”Florence shook her head and cured her lips into a bitter smile. “Collin, you’ve known me for a long time and I think you know me well. ”“Your relationship, stubbornness and resolution are nothing in front of your mother. ”Collin said in a serious tone, seeming to be distressed and helpless. Looking at the sad Florence, Collin even regretted finding Florence and bringing her back to the family. Florence now had many things, yet she lost Ernest. Florence looked at him with resolution in her eyes and said, “Even though it’s nothing in front of her, even though it’s like kicking against the pricks, I will never give up. ”The only thing that could let her give up Ernest was that Ernest didn’t love her.