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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 400: An Appointment for Having Sex Nest Time

As soon as Stanford approached, Florence felt more nervous. Right then, Ernest was under her quilt. His figure was so big, and he couldn’t be covered completely. If Stanford got closer, he would find the abnormality pretty easily. In a panic, Florence shook her head to dodge Stanford’s reached-out hand. “I might be on fever. ” As she spoke, Florence put her hand on her forehead and pretended to be haggard. “It’s a little hot. I want to nap for a moment. ” “You are on fever. You must see the doctor. ” Stanford frowned, looking at Florence’s naked arms in dissatisfaction. It was getting colder but she didn’t put on enough clothes. No wonder she got a cold. “Get up. Let me take you to see a doctor. ” As he spoke, Stanford strode over to her closet, found her a long-sleeved blouse and trousers, and put them on her bed. Florence was taken aback for a moment. It wouldn’t take her much longer time to put on the clothes. Stanford would be waiting for her outside the room. Since he was so alerted, once Ernest climbed out, he would hear the sound and found Ernest. She couldn’t take the risk, so she wanted to send Stanford away immediately. “Stanford, I don’t want to see the doctor. I’m not feeling well. I’m so weakened. I just want to take a nap. ” Florence looked at Stanford pitifully. Her eyes were half squinted, looking as if she were so sleepy. Stanford frowned more deeply. After thinking for a few seconds, he said solemnly, “You must see the doctor, or your sickness will get worse. You can take a nap after seeing the doctor. Well, I’ll ask the doctor to come over. ” Florence hadn’t expected that Stanford wouldn’t only leave her room after she pretended so but also call another person to come over. If the doctor came over, Ernest would be definitely found in her quilt. Florence’s face became as reddish as an apple. She became extremely anxious. What should she do? What should she do? She was in a panic, wondering what to do. She wanted to make an excuse to lie to Stanford and ask him not to call over the doctor. Right then, the warm palms under her quilt suddenly pressed on her waist. Florence was so freaked out that she immediately swallowed back the words at the tip of her tongue. Holding Florence, Ernest waved her hands on her waist, hinting at her to stop

Feeling embarrassed, she pushed him away. “Hurry up and just go. My brother will be coming back soon

. ” “I don’t think so. It would at least take him twenty minutes before coming back,” said Ernest calmly. Looking at his confident face, Florence was quite surprised. Her brother was making a call outside. If there was no signal in her room, at least he could find it outside. It wouldn’t take him twenty minutes necessarily. Then she recalled that Ernest had stopped her just now. She realized something. Pointing at Ernest in surprise, she asked, “Have you done something?”“Smart girl. ”Ernest poked at Florence’s nose tip with a smile. “I just blocked the signals in this house. He couldn’t reach the doctor on the phone, so he must walk to the doctor’s. ”That was why it would take Stanford twenty minutes. And in this period, Ernest could leave Florence’s room quietly. Florence’s eyes lit up. She looked at Ernest in admiration. “Ernest, you are awesome. You even know this kind of stuff. ”When Ernest was doing it, he was hiding under the quilt and didn’t know any situation about the Fraser family’s villa. However, he decisively blocked the signals so that Stanford had to leave Florence’s room for the time being. “Of course. ”Ernest pressed his lips, gazing at Florence. His eyes became more and more darkened. In a hoarse voice, he said, “If you want to continue talking to me like this, I might not be able to control myself despite if your brother would be coming back or not. ”His aggressive gaze burned Florence’s skin like flames. Following his gaze, Florence finally noticed that she lifted the quilt and exposed her naked body completely to the man while talking to him. A wave of heat rushed to her brain. Florence was so ashamed that she wanted to bury herself in a pit. How could she be talking to Ernest while being naked for so long?Too shameful!“You! Stop looking at me!” Florence said shyly and angrily. Immediately, she covered herself under the quilt. Her cheeks were reddened and she looked away. She dared not to look at Ernest with her back to him. Looking at her, Ernest curled up his lips into a happy smile. It felt so good that she was beside him lively and adorably. Soon, he would let her stay by his side forever.