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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 307: An Arrogant Man

“I won’t leave. It doesn’t matter although you said that I’m not your fiancée, because it’s me to decide on whether if I want to take care of you. ” Florence fixed her eyes on Ernest and said in an extremely serious tone, “I will take care of you and help you deal with those matters during this period of time. ” Ernest froze. He looked at Florence in disbelief as if he hadn’t expected that Florence would say those words. She was willing to take care of him? The few words touch the softest part of Ernest’s heart, and his cold aura almost dispersed. He said awkwardly in a cold voice, “You don’t need to take care of me out of guilty. This is not what I want. ” Florence felt a bit helpless about Ernest’s resistance towards her. The words she said to Ernest that night must hurt him a lot and his attitude towards her changed dramatically thereafter. He tried all he could to make a clean break with her. If this continued, Florence would not have the courage to come to Ernest again even if she knew about his feelings for her and made clear of her inner thoughts. But he saved her in the car accident and even almost died. Florence felt everything she did would be overshadowed comparing to what he had done for her. Even if this meant that she had to shamelessly stay by his side, to protect him, and to chase after him. “I sincerely want to take care of you and there’s no reason behind this. I don’t want to see you get injured. Ernest, can you please give me a chance to take care of you?” Florence stared at Ernest eagerly and said with sincerity in her gentle voice. Ernest felt his breath quickening when he looked into Florence’s pleading eyes and the coldness in his heart uncontrollably dispersed. He could not refuse her when looking into such a pair of eyes, even though he knew that probably she was trying to compensate for him out of guilty. “You want to pay back my favors so much?” Ernest’s tone of voice was cold and overbearing. Pay back his favors? Florence seemed to owe him a lot after getting to know him, and it seemed like it was not enough to return them simply by taking care of him for a period of time. Maybe this time it should be regard as the interest for what he had done for her? Florence didn’t know whether if Ernest would accept this excuse. She pondered for a while. When she was about to say something, Ernest continued in a cold voice, “Then I will give you a chance. When I’m recovered, you should disappear from my lines of sights and you shouldn’t show up in front of me again. ” Florence didn’t reply. How could it be possible? Nevertheless, it was hard for him to change his mind and she should agree to it temporarily. When he was recovered, she could go back on her words. After all, Ernest also went back on his words for several times before. Florence curled her lips into a bright smile and nodded, “Deal. Then I will take care of you during this period of time

She was simply afraid that Ernest would say the porridge was too hot or too cold, so she decided to test the temperature by herself and she thought Ernest would not complain about it thereafter. This method was really effective and Ernest obediently ate the porridge. The bowl of porridge was finished after a short while

. Florence looked at Ernest patiently, “Do you want more?”Ernest pressed his thin lips together and looked towards Florence with a touch of complicate emotions in his eyes. He didn’t reply her. He didn’t have any appetite in the past two days as a gush of rage was burning in his chest. However, when Florence was here, the burning rage died out. The porridge, which was not appetizing at all, seemed to be the best food that he had eaten. This was not a good signal. He replied coldly, “No need. ”He intended to lie down onto the bed after finishing the words, but Florence suddenly reached out her hand towards his face. Ernest was a bit stunned. Florence carefully wiped the corner of his mouth with a napkin and her tender and fair hand would touch his face from time to time. Her touch ignited his desire and his whole body became stiff. Ernest studied her expression and found that she was so careful and serious when wiping his mouth like she was wiping a valuable treasure. He was treasure?Florence was shocked by this thought. He felt it ridiculous at the next moment. It must be because he had been crazily wishing to be her man that he had such a ridiculous thought. She was just paying back for his kindness. “I can do it by myself. ”Ernest said with a cold face and lifted his hand in an attempt to snatch the napkin from Florence. But Florence dodged his movement and said with a smile, “Your arm also got injured, so you’d better not move rashly. Moreover, it’s a rare opportunity for me to take care of you at such a close distance. Don’t you want to catch the opportunity to ask me to do more things for you?”It was the first time for him to see a person asking for more work. Ernest took a glance at Florence and then shifted his gaze aloofly. Nevertheless, an inconspicuous smile appeared on his face. Looking at Ernest’s cold face and perceiving his indifferent attitude towards her, Florence felt a bit upset. But this was not a big deal for her because she was quite resolute now. She sat by the bedside and glance around. And then casually picked up an apple and began to peel it.