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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 436: An Evitable Clash Between Enemies

“What is the difference?” Alexander was puzzled. He was pleased that his son was about to find his wife, and he was happy with all his heart. Victoria frowned slightly, “It feels like there is a spark between him and Flory. ” “Spark? Isn’t that a good thing? If Flory can fancy other people, she will be able to get out from the shadow of her last relationship. ” Alexander smiled and patted Victoria on the shoulder, “What are you worried about? If we can have two simultaneously happy events in the family, then it is the best. We can also hold our grandson at the same time. ” “It would be nice if Flory can really like someone else, but…” Victoria’s eyes looked complicated and a little worried. Florence was hurt so badly in her love affair with Ernest, would she be able to fall in love with another man so easily? It went so smoothly that it felt like something was not right. On the dance floor, Florence followed Clarence’s dance steps and was easily taken in by him. Originally, she didn’t like dancing, and didn’t like dancing with men in front of so many people even more. The dance before with Benjamin was very stiff and tormenting. However, at this moment, she felt very relaxed as she followed Clarence’s steps and even enjoyed it. As they danced, her whole heart went along with him and the gaze of the people around her weakened gradually. She could almost only see him in her eyes. Clarence held her in his arms, lowered his head and stared at her. There was a playful smile at the corners of his mouth, “You are looking at me like that. Did you really fall in love me?” Florence’s cheeks blushed as he said that. She whispered, “Can I not? Clarence?” His name taken softly from her mouth melted into his ears like water. For the first time, he felt that this name could sound so good from someone’s mouth. He put an arm around her waist and pulled Florence closer in his arms. The distance between the two disappeared in an instant, almost pressing up against each other. The distance between their lips was so short that they looked like they were about to kiss. He looked straight at her, his gaze dark and his eyes on fire. He said in a low voice, “Then how do you want me to respond to you?” She could smell him. Even though it was a completely unfamiliar face but she recognized his smell, she had long been familiar with it. She let him hold her and said softly. “It’s you. Any way is fine. ” The man’s gaze darkened suddenly and the fire in his eyes flashed. He tightened his grip on her arm involuntarily

He didn’t do all that for this man called Clarence to intercept him and take advantage. “Keep an eye on him for me. ”Benjamin commanded coldly, his tone low and dangerous, “If you have a chance, just kill him

. ”The man in black was slightly startled. He was afraid that putting a hand on someone from Fraser family be too much. He hesitated a little. However, looking at Benjamin’s cold expressions, he didn’t dare to question anymore and immediately accepted his order. After the dance was finished, there was a neat applause from the audience. Stanford and Phoebe, who had been dancing passionately until now immediately separated. Stanford’s handsome face was taut as he stood next to Phoebe with a two-feet distance between them. Phoebe glanced at him helplessly and then said gloomily, “Stanford, I am not a monster, I won’t eat you. Why are you standing so far away from me? Besides, you even held my waist while dancing just now. It is too late to keep your distance now. ” Stanford’s face became even tauter. He never had any feelings towards women and had basically never been so close to a woman. If he had already known that dancing with Phoebe was going to be such a troublesome experience, he would never have agreed to dance. He said grimly, “We have finished dancing, naturally we should move apart. I’m going to go find Flory…” While saying that, Stanford looked in Florence’s direction and saw Clarence holding her hand. After they thanked the audience very harmoniously, they left the dance floor hand in hand. She looked very at ease and chic from behind. She didn’t even look back at him. In her eyes, was he even important as her brother?Phoebe chuckled inwardly when she saw Stanford’s expressions. She walked to Stanford, winked at him and said pitifully. “Stanford, you can see that Florence is with someone else right now. I came here from far away. I don’t know anyone here; I am not familiar with any place here and I don’t know what to do. How about you walk with me and help make this environment a bit familiar to me?”Her reasonable request didn’t seem to have anything wrong with it. But was Stanford the kind of man who leisurely takes a woman for a stroll? He had to watch over Florence