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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 530: An Overall Plan

“Flory, you’re so smart. Why don’t you guess it?” There was an evil smile on Benjamin’s face. Florence was scared by his look. She knitted her brows tightly with an unsettle state of mind that was full of a number of thrilling guesses. She trembled and then told him the best guess, “You use me to assure him and prevent him from learning about what happened to me. Then you will take this opportunity to get the marriage certificate with me. At that time, as long as you show the marriage certificate, you’ll be at the upper hand. And it was unreasonable for Ernest to compete with you both legitimately and emotionally. ” “You’re partly right. ” Benjamin curled his lips into a triumphant smile and then quickly sent a message to Ernest again. Florence felt so nervous and her temples thumped wildly. Benjamin continued, “Ernest disguised himself as Clarence. He’s really seeking death, so of course I should accomplish his wish. I want him to come back to the Fraser family with the identity as Clarence, and be exposed on the pot!” If Ernest was exposed on the spot, the members of the Fraser family would have a poor impression of him and he would lose all the chance to marry Florence. Florence furrowed her brows, “Ernest won’t be so silly. Moreover, Clarence is also under your control. He’s not in the Fraser family. ” Ernest was so wise. He could casually find an excuse if they found out the truth, and he could convince others that he was Clarence. Benjamin stood up and then walked towards Florence elegantly. He said in a teasing tone, “What if the Fraser family is 1oo% sure that you’re on a travel with Clarence?” Florence widened her eyes. If Ernest came back to the Fraser family with the identity as Clarence, he would not be able to explain it. Then the fact that he had been disguised himself as Clarence would be exposed! At that time, their plan would be ruined and Ernest would offend the Fraser family thoroughly and lose the chance to stage a comeback. Moreover, if the Turner family learned about his, it would be so serious and Ernest would have a big trouble. Florence suddenly tensed up. She finally realized that Benjamin was brewing such a malicious plan. She was unsettled and pounced towards Benjamin. “Give my phone back!” She couldn’t let Benjamin continue to chat with Ernest through her phone. She wouldn’t allow him to fool Ernest. If Ernest didn’t get any reply again, he would find out that something was wrong. Florence wanted to smash her phone into pieces. But Benjamin had prepared for it. He lifted his arm to dodge Florence’s hand and grabbed Florence with the other hand. He then clasped her in his embrace

Florence looked at the message dully and her mind exploded. She was overwhelmed by despair. Ernest would come back tomorrow night!Stanford and the others would possibly not be able to find out that she had been kidnapped in such a short time

. They must think that she was travelling together with Clarence. But if Ernest visited the Fraser family, they must be bewildered by the fact that there were two ‘Clarence’. And the secret would be exposed. It was finished. It was totally finished. Florence’s face became ghastly pale and her mind was overwhelmed by despair. Benjamin curled his lips into a triumphant smile and there was calculation in his eyes. He replied: I will be waiting for you. Go to bed early. Ernest: You too. When seeing this message, Benjamin put the phone in his pocket and then looked at Florence gloomily. “Are you looking forwards to the bid show tomorrow night? Ernest’s reputation will be totally ruined. The Turner family and the Fraser family would regard him as a disgrace. Everything that Ernest possessed now would be ruined and he would NOT be a match for Benjamin any longer. With a pale face, Florence felt sad. Tears welled up in her eyes. She implicated Ernest and forced him to the traps again and again. She was a jinx and a cumbrance for him. “By the way, I have a piece of good news. We will arrive at our new house in the morning of the day after tomorrow. At that time, Ernest’s disgrace will be spread to the Turner family and all the members of the family will want to kill him. When they hear about the good news that I will marry you, all of them will regard me as a savior of the Turner family and the Fraser family and they will all be grateful to me. ”There was no doubt that he would be the heir of the Turner family at that time. He would win Ernest if he had those powers. Florence’s face became paler. She felt cold all over and almost passed out. If things progressed like this, she and Ernest would be put into the hell. Ernest would be unable to protect himself, and she would be forced to marry Benjamin. Everything was so hopeless.