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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 217: Announcing the Ownership

Seeing that Florence was still panting, Reynold said, “Come over and take a seat. Have a rest. ” “Okay. ” Florence followed him in, only to find that a few seats were left at the host’s table and the other two were fully occupied. Obviously, one of the seats belonged to Ernest. Florence wanted to keep a low key and she didn’t want to sit next to Ernest. Hence, naturally, she sat down next to Reynold. Reynold poured a glass of water for Florence gentlemanly, “Drink some water. ” “Thank you. ” Florence took over the glass and smiled at Reynold politely. She suddenly recalled something, so she said in embarrassment, “I received the short notice that we have a day off, so I didn’t go downstairs to wait for you. Did you receive it as well? Did you come to the hotel?” Looking at Florence’s uneasy eyes, Reynold smiled dotingly. “I also received it, so I didn’t come. ” He didn’t tell her that actually he did come here and waited for her for a long time. He also called her on the phone but couldn’t reach her. When he was about to go upstairs and find her, he received the notice that everyone got a day off. “That’s good then. ” Florence breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing that she relaxed, Reynold was in a good mood for some reason. He smiled, too. There was harmony between the two. As soon as Ernest walked into the box, he witnessed the scene. His handsome face suddenly fell, his eyes cold. Florence coaxed him to change his jacket and then escaped. He wondered if she had done that for meeting Reynold. Seeing the smile on Florence’s face, Ernest felt that it was a pain to his eyes. She had never laughed so happily and freely in his presence. Meanwhile, others noticed that Ernest had entered the box. Everyone stood up respectfully. “Good evening, Mr. Hawkins. ” The smile on Florence’s face was stiffened immediately. She hurriedly turned to look over at Ernest. Sure enough, her eyes met his threatening gaze. Her heart skipped a beat. She was a bit panicked, realizing that he was indeed angry. She looked away and stood up with others. Lowering her head slightly, she wished that he wouldn’t pay too much attention to her. While in Ernest’s eyes, she looked quite guilty in this way

They wondered why this superior Mr. Hawkins seemed to be so intimate with Florence. Were they lovers? They couldn’t help but cast a complicated glance at Reynold, who was standing next to them

. Reynold also gaped at Ernest and Florence. Seeing that Florence was held in his arms, Reynold felt quite uncomfortable. Frowning, he asked, “Are you. lovers?”“No, we are not,” Ernest denied directly, much to Reynold’s surprise. Reynold frowned more deeply. At that moment, he almost guessed several possibilities. The one that he believed the most was that Ernest was fooling around with Florence, and he wouldn’t take any responsibility. Although Reynold always treated other women in this way, he still felt quite uncomfortable as soon as he knew the woman that he had a crush on was treated this way. He looked annoyed. His fingers trembled as if he wanted to pull Florence over. However, Ernest completely ignored him. He picked up Florence’s goblet on the table and raised it to everyone. “Thank you for taking care of Florence in the past few days. ”The team from City N, who knew what was going on, suddenly felt so flattered. Leading by Erica, they immediately raised their goblets and answered, “This is what we should do. ”Reynold’s action that was about to pull Florence stiffed again. He looked at Ernest in confusion. Ernest was thanking everyone in presence openly, which meant Florence wasn’t just a plaything for him. Also, it seemed that the team from City N all knew about it. He was confused, wondering what on earth the relationship was between Ernest and Florence. Feeling so puzzled, he still needed to main his dignity. Reynold also raised his goblet and drank with others. Right then, Ernest suddenly turned around and raised his goblet to Reynold. Ernest looked at Reynold, pressing his lips. The goblet in his hand was slightly leaning over, which was a posture to propose a toast. He said calmly, “Mr. Mryon, I heard that you’ve been taking Florence to study on a field in recent two days. As her fiance, I want to thank you for taking particularly good care of her. ”He emphasized “particularly good”, sounding quite threatening. Reynold was suddenly startled, looking at the two in disbelief. Her fiance?It turned out that Florence was Ernest's legendary fiancee, the woman who was going to marry into the rich and powerful Hawkins family, wasn’t she?He had never expected that the adorable Florence, who looked quite common, would have such an identity. No wonder in that evening, even they had gone that far, she still refused him without any hesitation. It turned out that she had such a good fiance. Of course, she wouldn’t fool around with other men before getting married. Seeing that Reynold looked as if he had got a heavy blow, Ernest looked more dangerous