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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 644: Annoying Three Methods

Ernest slightly raised his eyebrows. Obviously, he was quite surprised. Stanford’s face was darkened directly. He snapped, “I dare you to come again!” Collin couldn’t help shivering. He didn’t have the guts to repeat what he said just now at all. He explained in a weak tone, “The genetic disease in the Turner family was a weird disease from our ancestors. It could be only cured by the mating of descendants. Since giving birth to the later generation could cure the disease completely, mating would relieve the impact as well. ” “Shut the fuck up!” Stanford roared in anger. He was so furious that he wanted to throw a punch on Colin. Collin’s mouth corners kept twitching. It was indeed difficult to be a doctor. He just told the truth, but his life was in danger. “Hmm. What’s going on?” Florence was woken up by their voices. She looked at the three men dizzily. She just took a nap, wondering why Stanford would want to kill Collin so suddenly. What had happened? Stanford instantly stiffed. He put away his fist in difficulty. Pressing his thin lips, he tried his best to hold back his anger. With an extremely awkward look, he answered, “Nothing. ” “Nothing? Why did you want to hit Collin?” Florence frowned in confusion. Her gaze swept among the three men continuously. She didn’t believe it at all. Stanford’s eyes twinkling. He felt annoyed, guilty. He wouldn’t want Florence to know about the fact. Otherwise, she would become extremely determined to go to find the herbs with them. However, according to Collin’s words, if Florence wouldn’t go with them, once Ernest’s disease broke up, it would be quite troublesome. Stanford was unwilling to let his younger sister become Ernest’s antidote. He couldn’t help cursing inwardly. “Stanford, what on earth has happened?” Florence became more confused. She sobered up and was about to stand up from the sofa. Stanford stiffed, looking more awkward. He didn’t know how to answer Florence’s question. While Stanford was in a dilemma, Ernest strode over to Florence. He bent over, lifted her, and carried her in his arms. Florence was shocked while suddenly being lifted. By instinct, she wrapped her arms around Ernest’s neck. She gaped at him. “What

In his opinion, once a man and a woman hadn’t married, they shouldn’t have sex. As long as they had sex, they must be responsible for each other. He didn’t agree to any single word that Collin said

. “Cut the crap. I asked if there are any other methods,” Stanford roared irritably. Collin felt depressed. He hesitated for a short while and answered, “Well, there should be three methods. ” Upon hearing it, Stanford was delighted. Since there were three methods, Florence wouldn’t need to sacrifice herself. Collin continued calmly, “First -- when Ernest’s disease broke up, send him another woman from the Fraser family. ” Stanford’s temples popped. Obviously, it wasn’t a method at all. “Next!”“The second one -- before we’ve found Magnolia Liliiflora, ensure Ernest’s disease wouldn’t break out. After finding Magnolia Liliiflora, I can use it to restraint of his condition. ”After a pause, Collin added, “But we must pay special attention. Before that, Ernest can’t have sex. Otherwise, he must have it every evening. ”“Go fuck yourself!” Stanford cursed him irritably, wishing he could tear off Collin’s mouth. He couldn’t believe that Collin was the legendary doctor -- Collin couldn’t cure Ernest and couldn’t have a certain remedy. What if Ernest’s disease would break out before they had found Magnolia Liliiflora? It was truly possible. Hence, Collin’s resolution didn’t sound secure at all. With a darkened face, Stanford asked, “What’s the last method?”Collin pressed his lips, looking quite solemn. He said, stressing each syllable, “Well. Out of sight, out of mind. Let Ernest die as soon as possible. ”Stanford was speechless. How could it be a method?Except for the second one that might be fluky, Stanford believed that Collin’s other two so-called methods were just bullshit. So was the second one. His face was totally darkened, daring at Collin fiercely and sharply. “You do have a death wish, don’t you?”How dare Collin trick him!Collin shook his head innocently. “I was explaining the three methods to you. Stanford, don’t come over. Help. ”He ran away in fear. He didn’t think the man chasing him a human, but a ghost. With Florence in his arms, Ernest walked to her courtyard steadily. Her courtyard was distant from the room. Nestling in his arms, Florence felt it was even cozier than staying in bed. She stared at him obsessively and asked uneasily, “Ernest, what’s your decision?”Would he take her with him?