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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 688: Apologize

Was she going to be so unreasonable? With her red eyes, Florence was upset and said, “What are you doing? How can you beat me?” Since she was young, she had never been so angry before. The woman was not guilty at all about what she had done. Instead, she had a condescending attitude when she pointed at Florence rudely and scolded her loudly. “A wretched woman like you should deserve to be beaten up. Otherwise, you will never know about the complexity of things in this world and the rules of being a woman!” While scolding her, she walked towards Florence aggressively, lifted her leg and intended to kick Florence’s body. The woman’s slippers were similar to wooden clogs and were quite heavy. If the woman kicked her, she would feel great pain. Florence never thought that the woman would be overbearing and shrewish to such an extent. Once Florence had disagreed with the woman, the woman assaulted her physically. She didn’t even treat Florence as her servant. Except that she was living in the woman’s house temporarily, she had no other relationships with that woman! Florence was so angry that she couldn’t put up with this situation anymore. However, she couldn’t do anything at that moment except that she rolled on the ground to avoid the woman’s kick. The woman missed her target and was instantly infuriated. It was as if Florence had done something unforgivable. “Wretched woman, I cannot believe that you dare to dodge my kick? You really have no shame at all. Your actions disgust me!” It was as if the woman claimed the moral high ground using her sincere and serious words. Her accusation made Florence feel as if she had committed a heinous crime. Where did the woman learn her values? The women who were washing their clothes originally acted as spectators. Due to the woman’s words, they put down their clothes and walked towards Florence’s location. All of them were looking at Florence with piercing and hostile eyes. They had accusing eyes. Florence nearly couldn’t believe that she was actually facing this situation. Everything that happened was absurd beyond belief. What kind of place was this? The woman didn’t even wait for Florence to figure out the situation. The infuriated woman immediately picked up a rod beside her, raised it above her head and swung it downwards. The rod was going to strike Florence who was lying on the ground. The rod was as thick as a human’s arm. If it struck someone’s body, bones would easily be fractured. She was acting so brutally. Was she out of her mind? Florence’s scalp felt numb. Ignoring the pain on her body, she hurriedly got up and intended to run away. However, just after she had taken two steps, several women blocked her way. It was as if a wall had blocked her way. “Mosadefute. ” One of the women yelled something that was unintelligible to Florence and made the first move. She stood in front of Florence and grabbed Florence’s arm. Florence was shocked. At the same time, another woman walked up to Florence and grabbed Florence’s other arm. She used great strength to force Florence’s hands behind her back. “Little wretched woman, you dare to run away. I will first break your legs!” Holding the rod, the woman who lived with Florence walked up to Florence aggressively

I have never seen such an unreasonable person before. ”In just an hour or two, Florence was going to lose her mind due to this woman. If Ernest still didn’t come to her aid, she was afraid that she would be beaten to death

. Ernest lowered his brows. He had a gloomy aura that could frighten someone. It was as if he was surrounded by suffocating cold air. He gave the woman a cold stare. His piercing words made an impact on everyone. “Do I need you to teach my girl a lesson?”The man’s powerful and dangerous aura filled the air. The woman instantly looked pale and took two steps backwards out of fear. Her aggressive and overbearing attitude disappeared, and she had a smile on her face to please the man. She explained, “Mr. Hawkins, you may not be familiar with the rules here. The women here are united and will help to educate each other. ”“Since she is here, you don’t need to worry about your girl. I will help you to educate her. ”Florence was simply dumbfounded. Their definition of being united was to work together to bully her?Moreover, who did the woman think she was to educate Florence?Was the woman even eligible to educate Florence?Florence was even angrier. Her pent-up anger was going to drive her crazy. With a gloomy expression, Ernest strode towards the woman using his long slender legs. His tall body instantly came close to the woman. He suddenly strangled the woman using his slender fingers. His deep voice was magnetic and pleasing to the ear. At the same time, it resembled the sound of the Grim Reaper and gave her goosebumps. “Then I will teach you my rules here. If someone dares to touch my girl, he will die. ”The woman was suffocating and as a result, her face reddened. Her body trembled uncontrollably. But she didn’t struggle at all. She only begged for mercy fearfully. “Mr. Hawkins, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to infuriate you. I beg you to have mercy on me. I still don’t want to die. ”Florence stood at the side in a daze. At that moment, she couldn’t describe her emotions. Generally speaking, when a normal person apologized to someone in this situation, she would say that she shouldn’t have bullied and beaten her, she would never do it again and so on. But the woman had only apologized to Ernest and begged him to have mercy on her. It was as if she did it not because she had assaulted Florence, but because she had made Ernest upset.