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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 572: Apply Ointment for Him

But before Florence asked, Clarence first took the medicine and walked into Ernest’s room. He skilfully lifted off Ernest’s blanket. Seeing the white gauze wrapping around Ernest’s body, Florence's attention was instantly drawn to it. Her throat choked and she felt bad. Whenever she saw it, she would be disheartened. Clarence looked at Florence who was stiffly standing there. His eyes flashed with a feeling that he felt sorry for her. If it was possible, he would still personally handle Ernest’s injuries so that Florence would not feel bad when she saw it. But… He gritted his teeth. His face darkened as he opened the beg. He neatly arranged and placed aside the medicines to be used. Then, he handed a pair of scissors to Florence. “Come, I’ll teach you how to do it. ” Florence looked at Clarence in shock. He let her do it? She did know how to deal with some injuries and even used to be more familiar with injuries compared to Clarence who was a newbie in this aspect. But, when she faced Ernest’s injuries, she could not even breathe properly. She resisted, fearing that after seeing Ernest’s hideous wounds, her heart would be extremely painful. Clarence’s eyes darkened. However, he curled into a teasing and relaxed smile. “Flory, you’ve promised during the day. You’ll take care of Ernest afterward. I’ve taken care of him for so long, I don’t want to do it anymore. ” He spoke in a tone and with the expression as if she was just trying to shirk work and responsibilities. Florence was with the grievance. The reason why she did not do this was certainly not because of this reason. But, even if it was unbearable to take care of Ernest, it should be her responsibility. Florence took a deep breath. She gritted her teeth, walked to the bed and sat down. She stiffly took the scissors. She looked down at Ernest’s closed-eyed look and her eyes kept flickering. With gauze wrapping around now, the faint traces of blood still could be seen. How exactly severe his injuries were? How hideous were them? Florence dared not think. She held the scissors tightly. Slowly and stiffly, she cut the joints of the gauze. Although it was just a simple action, she did it as if she had tried hard to move a big mountain. Clarence’s heart ached for Florence as he looked at her. He continued, “Due to his injury now, his body shouldn’t move too much. First, cut all his gauze and after applying ointment on the front, deal with those on the back

” He gently patted her shoulder and softly comforted, “Don’t look at him. Just think of him as a stranger. You’re just helping him

. ” Florence’s eyes blurred with tears while she shook her head. Her mind was all about him. She recognized every inch of his body. How could she think of him as a stranger. Florence reached out and grabbed Clarence’s sleeve and her choked voice was showing that she was apparently begging him. “Clarence, please, you do it, okay? I really can’t do it. ”She tried but she did not know that she would break down like this upon seeing Ernest’s injuries. As soon as she pulled, Ernest’s wound would be torn again and blood would flow out. It was as if she had hurt him. As soon as she looked down, she saw his chest with severe injuries on it and hideous bone and blood were everywhere. There were so many serious wounds. He was still alive. However, she was afraid that if she used a little too much force, he would be punctured and would die. Clarence’s entire body stiffened. His eyes were with complicated feelings and helplessness. It was not that he did not want to help but he could not do so now as he must teach Florence all the techniques within tonight’s time. In case there might be an accident after tomorrow…“Flory, he is your man, do you feel assured to leave him to others? He is now in a coma and what he needs is the motivation to regain consciousness. If you personally take care of him, he may regain consciousness more quickly. ”Florence was clear that some unconscious people needed their loved ones to constantly talk to them and call them. If his willpower was stimulated, he might wake up. Ernest was now unconscious. Perhaps this could be the case. Florence’s eyes flickered. Amidst the fear that almost overwhelmed her, an indelible hope emerged. If Ernest could regain consciousness, she was willing to do anything. She would certainly try no matter how difficult it was. She could not be weak. After having the willpower to fight again, Florence wiped her tears with the back of her hand. She gritted her teeth tightly and gazed at Ernest’s wound once again. The part with the gauze that was just torn open was having a trace of blood flowing out. If she tore again, it would bleed even more. But, this was a necessary step for treatment and applying the ointment. Florence took a deep breath and forced herself to suppress the trembling and heartbrokenness in her mind. She slowly reached out, held the gauze and gently used some force to pull once again. She tore it open little by little