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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 355: Are You Aiming for My Brother?

In City N, Florence didn’t have any one she would miss anymore. The only person left she needed to say her farewell personally was none other than Phoebe. They had agreed to meet at a bar they frequented. Florence planned to rendezvous all by herself, but Stanford was worried that Florence would become hopelessly drunk again. He insisted to tag along. Florence couldn’t do anything to change his mind. Although her brother was gentle and caring, nobody could change his mind whenever he was being stubborn. At night, the bar was bustling with activity. The whole place was full of lively people. Phoebe was already there when Florence reached. She waved, “Flory, come here. ” As she was calling out, she noticed a huge man accompanying Florence. He had a distant yet handsome face, and he was carving a way through the thronging crowd. He was making sure nobody could lay their hands on Florence. He appeared to be Florence’s guardian angel at the moment. Phoebe covered her mouth in envy as she let out a shout, “I really want an elder brother for myself!” Florence approached Phoebe and saw her envious and star-struck face, which made her shake her head helplessly. “My brother is just afraid that I would drink too much again, so he is coming along with me and joining in the fun. Do you mind?” “Not at all. I will have no problem if your brother has come without you too. ” Phoebe squinted and smiled while she reached out, “Good to see you, Flory’s brother. Do you still remember me? I am Phoebe Jenkins, Flory’s best friend. ” Florence twitched the corners of her mouth. Was Phoebe that lustful about men while she was her best friend? Stanford elegantly extended his arm, “Good day seeing you. ” His voice was crisp and like music to one’s ears. It was as if a refreshing sound was found in this place which was always noisy. Phoebe felt so thrilled that she felt like she was going to fly. She almost blurted out without thinking, “Flory’s brother, can I follow Flory all the way to Europe?” By doing that, she could see this cute and handsome guy every day, and she could get all her chances to get close to him. Who knows, maybe she would end up becoming Florence’s sister-in-law. Phoebe felt that her life would be amazing just by thinking about the possibilities. However, Stanford rejected her quite directly, “You can’t do that now. Flory’s return this time has a very deep implication. Many of the affluent families would undergo massive changes behind the scenes. ” It was not befitting to have an outsider in that sort of situation. Phoebe immediately looked sulky. Florence felt strange when she heard that, “Does that mean that I can’t even meet my friends after going back?” She didn’t want to feel like she was going back to a prison

If she wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol, then what was the meaning of meeting at a bar today? What’s more, they were going to bid each other farewell today. It would be unceremonious to not drink some alcohol. While Florence still wanted to argue, her best friend Phoebe suddenly chipped in, “Flory, your brother is right

. You were just drunk last night, so you should abstain from drinking today. It’s not good for your health. Come, drink some fruit juice. ” Phoebe shoved a glass of fruit juice into Florence’s hand. Florence was speechless. She couldn’t believe how far this woman would go for her lust for her brother!She shouldn’t have sided with Phoebe just now. Phoebe wasn’t even her sister-in-law yet, yet she was siding vigorously with Stanford even now. Florence shot a look of disgust at Phoebe. In contrast, Phoebe didn’t even feel sorry. There was a victorious and sultry smile on her face as her gaze couldn’t avert from Stanford. Stanford saw that Phoebe could change Florence’s mind, so he was looking at her in a different light. He smiled gratefully at her. Phoebe was immediately encapsulated, and her heart felt like it was about to soar. Nothing less she could expect from such a gorgeous hunk. One smile on his face was all it took to be the most breathless sight. It’s over. It seemed that Phoebe had thrown in the towel about her feelings for him. She had fallen for him. Florence didn’t know what to say. Was she mistaken about their reason for meeting up tonight? This was not supposed to turn into a blind dating session. It should be their farewell party!Not far away, a few young masters were approaching while bantering. When they saw Florence’s table, they all stopped to look. The one at the forefront was Harold and Anthony, and when they saw who was there, they couldn’t help furrowing their brows. Harold had a look of utter disbelief on his face, “Am I seeing things? Isn’t that Florence? Who is that man there? Why is he holding her hand like that?”Anthony had a solemn expression, “That is indeed Florence. ”“Why is Florence… Although her marriage with Ernest has been canceled, but it has only been a few days, yet she has gotten herself a new boyfriend?”Harold sounded a little angry, “Although Ernest didn’t show it on his face, but we can all see clearly that he is quite down. This Florence… how can she end up with a new hunk so fast!”Anthony could only sigh, “But that’s her freedom to do that. ”“But I feel that it’s unfair for Ernest!”Harold’s wrath was increasing in intensity as his menacing gaze was focused on Florence. Whatever he did now, he couldn’t stifle that boiling feeling in his heart. He gritted his teeth and started to stride towards Florence. “Harold, don’t…”Anthony felt a headache at the situation, but it was too late to restrain Harold from advancing