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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 580: Are You Alright, Ernest?

However, his laughter stopped the next second. Benjamin’s only functional arm felt a sharp pain. The knife Ernest threw towards Benjamin didn’t stab his heart. Instead, it pierced through the back of Benjamin’s hand and stabbed onto the remote system on the wheelchair. The system was destroyed by the knife. The pain Benjamin felt kept him awake from fainting. Benjamin looked at Ernest in surprise. Ernest didn’t kill him? Why? He knew the answer soon. The killers surrounded Ernest and Florence were about to pull the trigger. However, before they did, they were stiff. A bloody hole as thick as a finger appeared on their forehead at the same time. The killers were shot in the head! The killers fell onto the ground one by one. There were the killers who took Benjamin’s orders. N Benjamin horrified. He knew he was finished. Everything he planned perished. Ernest’s rescue has arrived. While Benjamin… Benjamin looked at his palm that got pierced through, he then glared at Ernest and shouted, “Why didn’t you kill me?” One of Ernest's arm was on Florence’s shoulder. He looked unsympathetic. “Do you know why I cripple your hand?” Ernest sneered and mocked Benjamin, “Because you don’t even deserve to kill yourself. ” Benjamin’s eyes widened. He was shaking. Soon, Benjamin realized what Ernest meant. He struggled in the wheelchair. Benjamin glared at Ernest and shouted in fury, “You want to torture me? Ernest, did you want to torture me?” “No. ” Ernest shook his head. He smiled mockingly, “I’m humiliating you. ” Humiliation. Ernest won’t even grant him the pride to die. The ego Benjamin was so proud of was thrown onto the ground and stepped on by Ernest. Benjamin felt dizzy. He was so pissed off. The failure of Benjamin’s plans wasn’t the most disappointing thing that happened. The most disappointing thing that happened was Ernest caught him, and even death was wishful thinking. “Ernest, I’m going to kill you. ” Benjamin kept struggling in the wheelchair. He used up his strength and he looked like a fish who left the water. Benjamin elevated his body from the wheelchair but fell onto the ground the next second. Benjamin kneeled on the ground

Collin will cure me. ”Ernest sounded coarse, and his voice was getting softer. Ernest was obviously weak

. He was holding on, but he might pass out any minute. Florence was worried. She gritted her teeth and stopped crying. She knew Ernest wouldn’t want to see her cry. Florence nodded, “Ernest, promise me that you’re going to make it through. I will find Collin and ask him to cure you. You just got to keep holding on. Promise me. ”Florence emphasized. Florence panicked. Ernest wasn’t looking good. He overstretched himself, and he might…Florence couldn’t afford to let anything happened to Ernest. Now that they were safe. Florence couldn’t stand to see Ernest die. Florence didn’t even want to take another look at Benjamin. All she wanted was to bring Ernest back to the Fraser manor and looked for Collin. “Hold on. We’re going home. We’re going home. ”Ernest shook his head and leaned on Florence weakly. Ernest lowered his head and stared at Florence, “Don’t be afraid. They are here. ”Who?Florence was confused. Then, she heard hurried footsteps coming from afar. Some people crowded through the weeds and rushed in their direction. The first person Florence saw was Stanford. It was him!Florence was surprised at first. Then she realized why Benjamin’s killers were shot in the head. It was Stanford. He made it in time. Florence finally found her family. She felt a lump in her throat. Florence then shouted excitedly, “Stanford, come help!”Ernest can’t hold on any longer.