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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 696: Are You Jealous?

Since Alton kept urging Ernest, Andrew was afraid that Ernest would refuse once he got pissed. In a hurry, he echoed, “Mr. Hawkins, please go ahead and leave the rest to me. ” After a pause, he lowered his voice and said to Ernest, “The princess isn’t a patient woman. You can’t make her wait for quite long. ” When Florence heard Andrew’s reminder, her heart sped up. Uneasiness kept surging in her heart, making her quite irritated. She truly wanted to do something. Gritting her teeth, she gazed at Ernest without a blink. Ernest frowned slightly. After a moment of hesitation, he said to Florence in a deep tone, “Take your time and enjoy your lunch. I’ll ask Andrew to send you back to your room, all right?” Although he had warned the woman, the custom here was quite different and that woman was unkind. Hence, he couldn’t let that woman take care of Florence again. He had planned to send Florence back to her room personally after lunch. Florence instantly tightened her grip on the chopsticks. Thinking that Ernest would go to have lunch with some princess, she had lost her appetite when looking at the abundant dishes on the table. She felt quite upset for some reason. Hence, she blurted out, “No way. ” As soon as she spoke, Florence was taken aback. So was Ernest. Florence had always been obedient, sensible, and extremely. Now he was going out for business, but she refused. Ernest stared at Florence deeply. Without any hesitation, he nodded dotingly. “Okay. ” Then he turned to Alton and said determinedly, “You can go back first. I’ll go there later. ” Alton gaped. He had never expected that Ernest didn’t only follow them immediately under their urge, but also he changed his mind to see the princess later. His attitude change was all because of the woman who was eating at the table. Alton looked over at Florence again, ponders appearing in his eyes. Ernest’s tall and strong figure leaned forward right away, standing in front of Florence to block Alton’s gaze. He looked obviously unhappy, “Mr. Carlton, please. ” He directly asked Alton to leave. His defensive attitude made Alton’s mouth corners twitch. He just gazed at that woman longer. He wouldn’t eat her up, would he? Inwardly, he blamed Ernest for being quite stupid as he treasured a woman so much. Although Alton was quite unhappy, because of Ernest’s identity and status, he still kept smiling. “I see

Florence, you are too willful. Hawkins is the princess’s beloved man. Of course, his business is to date her

. If you pissed off the princess, you are the sinner. ” Upon hearing it, Florence gaped. The woman’s words were reechoing in her mind, ‘To date the princess?’ Her heart, which had just relaxed, suddenly became tensed again. She looked at Ernest in a panic. Ernest’s handsome face was darkened, just like the sky before a thunderstorm. Pressing his thin lips, he tried to suppress his anger but he didn’t deny it immediately. Florence knew him well. Since he kept silent, the credit of the woman’s words became much higher. Instantly, she felt the emptiness in her heart. She became surprised and upset. No wonder the princess had prepared the exotic food from mountains and seas, waiting for Ernest. Watching the scene, Andrew knew it became worse. Hurriedly, he snapped, “Woman, shut up! Get out of here now! Don’t make trouble here. ”As he snapped, Andrew also lifted his foot and walked out of the dining room. The woman lowered her head obediently. She dared not to utter any word again and took the packed things out as well. Her two daughters and two sons were also taken out. Only Florence and Ernest were left in the huge dining room. Florence was sitting stiffly, her heart sinking. She couldn’t tell how she was feeling now. Ernest heaved a sigh helplessly, “Florence, I’m not dating the princess. ”It was his explanation. The pressure on Florence’s heart moved a bit. With twinkling eyes, she turned around and looked at him. She still felt quite depressed, trying her best to suppress her emotion. “Then why did that woman say so? Why is the princess waiting for you to have lunch with her?”Sure enough, a woman’s sixth sense was quite powerful. As soon as she heard that the princess was waiting for Ernest to have lunch, she felt uncomfortable and uneasy, which she had never felt before. It turned out that Ernest and the princess indeed had something to do with each other. Upon hearing Florence’s inquiry, Ernest curled up his lips slightly. Reaching out, he put his hand on the top of her head. He asked jokingly, “Are you jealous?”His playful tone showed that his mood had changed to be quite good. Florence gaped. How could he still be happy?And his question wasn’t the key point at all. She felt annoyed, and her face became darkened, “No, I’m not. ”