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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 104: Are You Okay?

But in the end, with the excuse that his families were opposed to their marriage because she was poor, Grayson dumped her and hooked up with Isabel. If Florence hadn’t discovered by chance that Grayson and Isabel were having sex in the bedroom by herself, she would not even have the chance to know that Grayson was such a disgusting jerk. He lied to her while planning to marry the other woman. “Grayson, I don’t have anything to talk to you. And our past is the past. Even if we bump into each other, we don’t need to say hi and just regard the other party as a stranger. So, please make way for me. ” “Flory, are you seeking revenge on me?” Grayson’s expression was sorrowful, but he rejoiced inwardly. If she was willing to seek revenge on him, it at least proved that Florence still had feelings for him and this somehow eased his depression. “Actually, I’ve never forgotten you. Deep down in my heart, you’re still the one I love. I was forced to be together with Isabel by my families and I never had true feelings for her. Flory, please trust me. ” “So?” Florence’s gaze on Grayson became colder and colder as if she was looking at a jerk, “I don’t give a shit about whether you love me or not. ” Grayson’s face darkened. The gentleness on his face was replaced by fierceness and indignation. His voice became louder, “Can you please not speak provokingly? I just want to have a talk with you. ” Realizing that Grayson would not give up if his purpose was not achieved, Florence knitted her brows impatiently, “Spill your beans. What do you want to talk with me?” Florence’s perfunctory attitude made Grayson feel choked and uncomfortable. However, when thinking of his ultimate purpose, Grayson suppressed his bad temper and said in a gentle voice, “Isabel likes to spit out some words that are unpleasant to ears, but she doesn’t have bad intentions. She didn’t do anything bad to you after last time. Can you please get over with her for my sake?” Grayson said as it something that Florence should do. Florence was so angry that she even chuckled. Isabel hadn’t done something bad to her? Isabel had done many bad things to her! “Mr. Russell, I will give you my answer. I haven’t taken the initiative to frame Isabel. Even if I had, I won’t let go of her easily. Moreover, we’re now like strangers and I won’t do anything for your sake. ” “Florence Fraser, I’m now showing you my kindness. Don’t force me. ” Florence’s refusal had totally infuriated Grayson. He stared at Florence indignantly like a beast that would launch an attack at any time. He looked a bit dangerous at the moment

“Son of bitch. I will kill you!” Someone shouted in anger right at this moment. He clasped Grayson’s shoulders, pulled him backward and pounded on his face

. He punched him out. Florence finally relieved a bit after getting free from Grayson’s confinement. She looked towards the two men who were fighting against each other and accidently saw Cooper. He maintained the appearance that he had when she saw her by the roadside on that day. With stubbles on his face, he looked quite decadent. Nevertheless, he was shrouded in strong anger at the moment and kept pounding on Grayson’s face. Grayson’s face almost distorted under the punches and fought back crazily. However, he was just an intellectual and a noble man and seldom took exercise in usual times. Therefore, he was no match for Cooper at all. Until Grayson could not prop himself up from the ground under Cooper’s beating, Florence walked over to stop the fight because she was afraid that Cooper would beat him until death. “Cooper, stop. ”The moment she walked towards them, Cooper stopped hitting Grayson because he was afraid that he would hurt Florence accidently. Cooper was also injured. But he didn’t care about it at all; instead, he looked at Florence worriedly, “Are you okay?”“I’m fine. Are you injured?” Florence walked to Cooper and looked at him with worries. There was a bruise at the corner of his mouth and some wounds on his arms. She was not sure whether there were other wounds at the other places. “Not a big deal. ” Cooper said casually as if he didn’t care about it at all and stood to his feet. But he stumbled at the next moment. Florence was right before him and hastily supported him, “What’s wrong?”“My legs were wounded and I can’t stand steadily. ” Cooper replied embarrassedly. Florence exerted more forces to her hand to support him, “I’ll take you to the hospital. ”“Okay. ”Cooper lowered his head to look at Florence, a gush of complicated feelings surging in his heart. However, he felt a bit contented as he finally saw her again. It was like his heart, which had been empty for a long time, was consoled again. Although they just got along with each other for a short while…Florence supported Cooper carefully and led him towards the exit