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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 66: As if They Had Done Something

“I trust her,” Ernest replied in a husky tone, and even though it was only a short and simple answer from him, it exuded his unswerving determination to uphold her innocence. Florence stared at the towering and imperial man beside her, and her heart had eased up a little despite being attacked by numerous antagonistic looks in the room as she felt like she had found her pillar of strength. Barney clenched his teeth in exasperation as his countenance fell when he was silenced by Ernest’s reply. “Cough, cough. ” A feeble cough sounded from the bed at that time, and everyone’s attention was instantly drawn towards it. “Are you awake, Mom?” Brianna quickly moved closer to Georgia’s bed in a concerned manner, yet her heart was bursting with exultation as though she had foreseen what would happen next. If Georgia Hawkins had laid her eyes on Florence, she would surely be enraged and ask her to get out from the house. Florence would have no choice but to leave, and their wedding might even be cancelled due to her scandal. Ernest would end up being enmeshed in this affair, which meant that her son could take advantage of the opportunity to climb the ladder. Ernest had also stridden towards the bed shortly after and stooped down as he asked in a softened tone which was seldom displayed by him, “How are you feeling, Grandma?” Florence stood by the perimeter of the crowd, not taking any steps forward while she even contemplated the need to excuse herself first. Georgia had collapsed because of her, so there was a highly likely chance that she would not want to see her face now. Georgia’s eyelids flickered and she finally opened her eyes in a slow manner. After taking a few glances at Ernest, she murmured her first few words, “Where is Flory?” Before Ernest had even answered her question, Barney and two other persons had enclosed the bed, keeping Florence’s presence out of Georgia’s sight. Ernest replied, “She should be at home, Grandma. Please don’t be too distressed and get yourself worked up about her matter anymore. ” “How could I not be concerned about my granddaughter-in-law?” Georgia held Ernest’s hand in her palm as she stared at him and spoke in a solemn tone, “She is a good kid, Ernest. She will never do those kinds of stuffs, so you have to believe her. ” Florence was stunned on the spot as soon as she heard Georgia’s viewpoint on this seemingly scandalous matter of hers. The one thing that had never crossed her mind was Georgia defending herself right after she had woken up. Florence’s eyes welled up; her heart instantly filled with warmth after knowing that she had someone whom was on her side and who believed her all along. A puzzled look flashed across Ernest’s eyes, but he still clasped Georgia’s hands and nodded his head, “I do trust her, so don’t you worry too much. ” “That’s great, I’m so glad to hear that

Georgia stared at them with a solemn look on her face as she said, “Other than the photos of Florence and Cooper, the anonymous person whom had sent them over today even proclaimed that…” After a moment of pause, Georgia shot her piercing gaze towards Ernest to scrutinize his expression as she continued, “That your engagement is a sham. ”She knew her own grandson well enough to know that it was not impossible for him to put on such an act. Florence’s heart leaped into her throat as anxiousness started to crawl up to her

. Although she had only thought of Georgia as a normal old lady before this, the happenings tonight had completely changed her outlook about her. Georgia could immediately guess the reason that she had to relinquish her spot in the contest correctly which had proven that she was not an ordinary elder. Florence’s eyes darted around while she kept her mouth shut for fear of saying the wrong things during this intense moment. She glanced at Ernest subconsciously only to see that there were no changes in his expression. Ernest reached his arm towards her to pull her into his embrace in a natural and intimate manner as he vowed, “I will marry her, Grandma. ”Florence was stupefied while her heart fluttered uncontrollably as if it was being hit by a hammer continuously. Georgia stared intently at both of them, and her gaze was gleaming with wisdom as if she could see right through Ernest and read his mind to discern whether he was telling the truth or not. After a few moments, her creased countenance radiated with a benign smile again as she said, “Of course I will believe in the both of you, so you can’t fool this old lady here, alright?”Florence was guilt-stricken upon seeing Georgia’s anticipating look on her face, so her eyes started to dart around the room as she did not have the guts to look at her in the eyes for lying to her. Ernest on the other hand was particularly unflustered and at ease as he reassured his grandmother, “I won’t. ”Georgia was well pleased with his promise as she nodded her head in a contented manner. After throwing a glance at the window and seeing that the night had fallen, she turned to Florence and said, “It’s getting late, Flory. How about you stay the night since it will take some time for you to go back?”Florence had never thought of staying over at the Hawkins’ residence, so she quickly tried to turn down her offer, “I don’t think it’s a good idea…”“You are engaged to Ernest now, so it’s normal to stay over at your future in-law’s place. ” Georgia downright rejected her remark while she continued, “Don’t be nervous, just treat this place like the Senna villa. They are both Ernest’s home. ”Florence’s cheek flared up in an instant as she was surprised that Georgia knew of her staying over at his private villa previously. Her ambiguous words were as though she had done something else with Ernest during her stay at his Senna villa that time.