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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 313: Asking Trouble Himself

Ernest raised his eyebrows. Looking at Florence in front of him, he stared at her back deeply and meaningfully. The nurse had been pulled away all of a sudden. Immediately, she explained, “Excuse me, Ma’am. The doctor needs to check Mr. Hawkins’s wounds. Since his arms were injured, he couldn’t take off his clothes, so I’m helping him. ” Her explanation made sense. Upon hearing it, Florence was embarrassed. She hesitated for a moment, still standing in front of Ernest. She looked up at the doctor and asked, “Must he be stripped?” The doctor felt that it was extremely difficult to check up on Mr. Hawkins this morning. He had encountered so many difficulties, and now he turned to do thing warily. Immediately, he nodded and explained, “Yes, Ms. Fraser. He must take off his clothes so that I could check him up. We can’t delay the checkup since Mr. Hawkins was injured quite seriously. ” Inwardly, he prayed that Ms. Fraser would not stop him again. Otherwise, as the attending doctor, he might lose his job soon. Florence frowned. She knew that the check-up on Ernest couldn’t be delayed for sure, and he must be checked as planned. However, taking a glance at all the female nurses in the ward, she had a migraine. She didn’t feel comfortable at all. After hesitating for a moment, she asked, “Are there any male nurses?” “Puff--” A burst of laughter that was failed to be suppressed sounded out at the door of the ward. Timothy looked at Florence with a teasing face and said with a smile, “Ms. Fraser, are you jealous?” Florence blushed right away. In a hurry, she retorted, “Of course not! It’s not like what you think. ” Although her voice was loud, she didn’t sound so confident when denying it. Behind Florence, Ernest couldn’t see her face, but he was staring at her, his eyes darkened. A shiny light flashed in his eyes. Under the crowd’s gazes, Florence felt so embarrassed. She wished that she could vanish in front of them immediately. “I just don’t think it’s so convenient to let the female nurses check him up,” she insisted, her voice becoming lower and lower. She felt that she had made herself a fool. The doctor said, “We do have male nurses, but not many of them. They might not be enough. ” “Ask the male doctors to help then,” Ernest decided for him indifferently. Gazing at Florence, his eyes were twinkling with deep affection. The doctor gaped. He could barely understand why Florence made such a mistake just now, but he wondered what happened to Mr. Hawkins. How could he make such a decision so affirmatively? He wondered if it was just because Mr. Hawkins wanted to please Florence

He doesn’t know what I like to eat. ” That meant she must go with Timothy. Although it was indeed a good excuse, Florence knew that Ernest wanted to send her away deliberately

. She felt quite upset. Still, she smiled to relax him. “Sure. Please wait for a moment. I’ll be right back. ”After Florence was gone, the warm smile on Ernest’s face faded away immediately. He frowned slightly as if he was suppressing something. The attending doctor had already untied his bandage. Looking at the condition, he frowned deeply. “Mr. Hawkins, did you touch your wounds last night?”Judging from the condition of the wounds, the doctor could tell that it didn’t get better, but instead, it got worse than it was yesterday. “You were seriously injured so you must be taken good care of. Your wounds couldn’t be touched or stretched at all. You can’t keep an uncomfortable gesture for a long time. Last night, you. ”The doctor wanted to finish his words but stopped, but his implication was quite clear. When he walked in this morning, he saw Ernest was lying on the bed with Florence. His body was full of wounds. When they shared the one bed, it was quite easy for his wounds to be touched or stretched. He was certain that the worse condition of Mr. Hawkins’ wounds was caused because Mr. Hawkins was sleeping with Florence on the same bed last night. Ernest endured the pain from his wounds, looking quite cold. He said aggressively, “Just do what you ought to do. Don’t talk too much about other things. ”The doctor looked annoyed. “But, if you don’t take good care of yourself, your condition could be better or worse from time to time. It’s difficult to get over your injuries. ”“That’s my own business. ”Ernest’s tone was cold. Casting a strict glance at all people in the ward he said, “Whoever spread this matter to others should bear the consequences. ”All inhaled in shock. The doctor felt a strong migraine that even his temples were aching. Judging from Mr. Hawkins’ attitude, he didn’t plan to take good care of himself at all. Mr. Hawkins wanted to let the wounds get better or worse as the flow. Besides, he always ordered all of the people in the ward to shut up and keep it a secret from others. The doctor realized that it must cost twice the time for Ernest’s injury to recover. He indeed had a migraine. It was the first time that he had encountered such a patient, who asked trouble himself. He wondered why