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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 670: At Your Service

Ernest pressed his hand on Florence’s shoulder, pulled her from the window, and pushed her into his arms. He whispered, “You can watch the snow after getting off later. Are you still sleepy? Why don’t you take another nap?” His embrace was quite warm, which Florence loved so much. However, right now, she wanted to watch the snow more. She shook her head. “No, I’m not sleepy. ” As she spoke, she couldn’t help but look out of the window. She still wanted to continue watching the snow from the window. It was so rarely seen. She wanted to watch more. However, before she could sit up from Ernest’s arms, Ernest lowered his head and pressed his chin on her shoulder. He said in a deep and steady tone, “I’ll take a nap now. Could you hold me?” He was asking her. Also, she couldn’t reject. She had been napping while leaning against Ernest in the past two days. Now he wanted to rest, so she must let him lean against her. Florence loved to watch the snow, but she reached out to hold Ernest without any hesitation. With a smile, she patted him on the back. “Go ahead. ” Ernest leaned against her, curling up his lips into a satisfying smile. Florence was truly a lovely and obedient woman. In fact, he wasn’t sleepy. He just didn’t want her to peer out. The current road wasn’t too bumpy and cliffy now. However, they were climbing up the mountain, and the road ahead was narrow and full of snow. It was becoming more and more cliffy. If looking out of the window, they would see the bottomless cliff. If Florence saw it, she would be scared. Ernest would rather her nap in the car and spend the following days dizzily. After she woke up, they would arrive at the place to have a break. Then all dangers had nothing to do with her. Since the mountain road was bumpy, Florence must sit upright while holding Ernest. She also needed to spare one hand to hold the car seat in front to keep balance. She was fully concentrated on it so that Ernest could sleep soundly and comfortably. She hardly had any time to look out the window again. After bumping for a long while, the fleet finally stopped. Ernest opened his eyes. His eyes were so sober that he didn’t look so dizzy when just waking up. Florence wondered if he was nappy or just keeping his eyes shut. “Excuse me, Mr. Hawkins. Here are the clothes,” Timothy said while looking back

He said in an ambiguous tone that sounded so seductive, “It’s not the first time to see you naked. Why do you have to hide from me?” Florence blushed more. She felt so annoyed that she didn’t know how to retort

. Although they had been intimated several times, it was different when she took off clothes under his gaze. There was a huge difference between acting actively and passively. As if he read Florence’s mind, Ernest suddenly reached out his knuckled fingers and put them on the button of her collar. “Well, I can help you take off. ”Finishing his words, Ernest had unbuttoned the first button skillfully. Florence’s fair collarbones were exposed. She was shocked. Subconsciously, she grabbed Ernest’s hand. Her face was so reddened just like an apple. “Stop. Stop it!”It seemed that they had been so intimate in the past few days, so Ernest became so skillful when being a rascal. With an evil and playful smile, Ernest grabbed her hand. “Don’t be shy. ”As he spoke, he raised the other hand to help her take off. Florence’s body was tightened immediately. Her cheeks were burning and she was in a panic. She recalled that whenever she had been intimate with Ernest in the past few days, he could always have sex with her. He didn’t stick to the rule to have sex with her once per three days. Instead, he had it three times per day. Now, he was so close to her and trying to strip her. She could almost see the fire to be burned in his eyes. However, they were still in the car and so many bodyguards were standing outside, waiting for them. Florence didn’t dare to do anything intimate with him in the car. Otherwise, she would be too ashamed to meet others. “I’ll take my clothes off. I’ll do it myself,” Florence said in a panic, instantly moving back a bit. Ernest’s finger rubbed through her second button. He was still holding the other hand of hers. His deep eyes twinkled with remained desire. With a reluctant and deep voice, he asked, “Are you sure you don’t need my help?”Florence’s temples popped. She could tell from his tone that he aimed other things. She nodded determinedly and affirmatively, “No, thanks. ”She tried hard to pull her hand from Ernest’s grip. Then she moved next to the window, turned around, and started to unbutton her buttons. Since he wasn’t willing to turn around, Florence decided to turn around herself. Ernest gazed at Florence’s petite back, his eyes becoming deeper and darkened.