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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 192: Awesome Compliment

Gemma froze. She gazed at Ernest in astonishment as she hadn’t expected that Ernest would show no respect to her. This happened for the first time over the decades. Although she was overwhelmed by sadness, she still maintained a magnanimous look. There was a trace of grievance in her watery eyes. “Ernest, I’m just caring about you. ” Care? She cared about them a lot and misguided Florence, making her thought that she was Ernest’s girlfriend. It was just that Ernest didn’t care about Gemma’s attitude before, but since he knew about her feelings and tricks now, he would not allow this to continue. “I will take care of Florence. It’s enough. And I don’t need the care from the other woman. ” He said aloofly and indifferently. He distanced himself from Gemma and made clear of their relationship with these simple words. Gemma felt like she was splashed by a basin of water in the world of ice and snow. She felt a gush of chill from her head down the soles of her feet and her heart was clutched by coldness too. It was hard for her to reach her before. She had many opportunities to get along with him, but she still could not win his heart. But now, the gap between them became huger and it was like she couldn’t get him in the rest of her life. Tears welled up in her eyes. Gemma stood motionlessly on the spot like a lifeless puppet. Florence also felt a bit shocked. She was clear about Gemma and Ernest’s past and their relationship. They were not only childhood sweethearts; moreover, Gemma had a car accident because of Ernest. Therefore, Gemma had been a special person for Ernest. But she hadn’t expected that Ernest would make clear of his relationship with Gemma without hesitation. Was it because she misunderstood it? Florence’s heartbeat quickened and some weird emotions emerged in her heart. … As it was Ernest’s birthday party, all the guests came here for Ernest. Timothy greeted every guest and then walked over and said to Ernest, “Sir, many guests are waiting to have a toast with you. Shall we…” Timothy looked at Florence hesitantly and then continued, “Shall we come to meet them? Or shall I ask them to come here?” Ernest didn’t reply. Instead, he shifted his gaze to Florence and asked, “Do you want to meet them?” Florence was stunned. The one they wanted to meet was Ernest, why did he ask her? Timothy was a sensible person. He proactively explained to Florence, “Ms. Fraser, you’re Mr. Hawkins’ companion. If you don’t want to meet them, sir will not meet them either

”Ernest had been arrogant all the time. But Florence never denied his proposals because she thought this man was powerful enough to do so. She took the glass of orange juice and said casually, “I like orange juice the most

. It’s better than wine. ”Ernest curled his lips into a smile. Timothy, who stood aside and watched the scene, suddenly realized something. It turned out that the orange juice was prepared for Florence. But before, when Florence was not here, Mr. Hawkins ordered them to remove all the orange juice with a contemptuous look. Yet he now ordered them to serve it again. He changed his attitude so quickly. Had he even considered about his principles recently?Everyone here was sensible. When seeing Ernest walking into the banquet hall arm in arm with Florence, some clever people walked over with a glass of wine. But they also felt flustered as they had witnessed how Ernest treated those who came over to toast him coldly. A middle-aged man walked over with an ingratiating look together with his female companion. He kept down his voice, not daring to talk loudly, “Mr. Hawkins, I’m Matthew Owen of Gallon Corporation. This’s my wife, Lillian Owen. It’s our great honor to attend your birthday party. Cheers. ”Lillian also raised her glass with a smile. She said to Florence, “You’re Miss Fraser, right? I saw you on TV before. You’re more beautiful than how you look on TV. You and Mr. Hawkins are a perfect match. ”Ernest took a glance at them when he heard the words. He said, “You’ve chosen a good wife. You company will have a promising future. ”Both Matthew and Lillian felt surprised as if she had got the pennies from the heaven. No one in the commercial world of City N had won Ernest’s praise, yet he actually said that his company would have a promising future. This meant that Gallon Corporation would progress smoothly in the future because it was recognized by Ernest. And it was because he had a good wife. His wife simply said several words in front of Ernest. And as for the contents…She simply played up to Florence and complimented her!