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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 488: Awkward, He Bumps into Them

Phoebe’s face slightly turned white and her heart was throbbing. Stanford’s serious look made her feel flustered and uneasy. She did not want to lie to him and she even vaguely felt that this man would never allow others to deceive him. If she deceived him, the possible consequences… “Mr. Fraser, why would I lie to you. I swear, I’m sincere to you. ” Phoebe was forced to look straight at him. She was desperately trying to maintain her composure under his sharp gaze. Stanford’s gaze instantly became even colder. The force he used to pinch Phoebe’s chin involuntarily increased. Phoebe frowned in pain and she bit her lips, not daring to say a word. This was the first time that she saw Stanford being so fierce and dangerous. It even made her a little afraid. It was only after a while that Stanford let go of Phoebe and stood up with a darkened face. He did not look at her again, took steps and went straight towards the forest. “Call people to search the forest!” The subordinates hurriedly responded, “Yes, young master. ” Even after being released by Stanford, Phoebe could still feel her chin hurting. He was so violent! He did not show any mercy despite knowing that she was a woman! But, she already had no time to complain. When she heard Stanford say about searching the forest, she was totally out of mind. When she was on the boat, the reason why she had all kinds of weird actions like pretending to be seasick was to divert Stanford’s attention and secondly, it was because Clarence had secretly told her that Ernest was nearby. So, when she went ashore, she took the opportunity to pester Stanford so that Florence could go into the forest to meet with Ernest. But now, if Stanford wanted to search the forest, since Ernest and Clarence were inside there, wouldn’t it be easy for them to be found out? After capturing Clarence from City N, they had made a hard work to cover up this for long and it must not be found out just like that. Phoebe immediately climbed up from the ground and hurriedly chased after Stanford. She followed him and said quietly, “Mr. Fraser, I think it isn’t suitable for you to go in and find her this way? If Flory and my cousin are doing that thing, how embarrassing it is to bump into them. ” Stanford stopped his paces and his expression looked a little abnormal. In a flash, he said with a cold voice, “With their current relationship, I think they aren’t that close

Stanford could only slow down so that Phoebe would not get left behind. He tried to patiently contain his anxiety and used at least three times as much time as he needed to finally get close to Florence. She was just behind the grass at the front

. Very close. Stanford also no longer stopped. He immediately pushed aside the grass and strode over. “Flory, why do you go so…” so far. When his words were partially spoken and when he saw the scene in front of him, he instantly swallowed back all his words. As if Stanford was struck by lightning, he stood stiffly in place. Simultaneously, Florence’s extremely embarrassed voice with shame sounded in the woods. “Ah…!”Did he want her to continue living?At this time, Florence was sitting across Ernest’s lap. The clothes on her body had been removed partially and the man in front of her was burying his head in her chest…She enjoyed it so much and was so dazed that she almost reached the peak but when she narrowed her eyes, she surprisingly saw Stanford who came out from behind the grass out of the blue. They even met each other eyes by surprise. Florence’s mind was buzzing and she was so ashamed that she just wanted to earth to open up and swallow her whole from this awkward situation. Why would such a shameful scene be, be seen by Stanford?Abashed, she wanted to push Ernest away and when she was about to move, she thought of the matter that if she pulled away Ernest, the scenery of her chest would be seen by Stanford. That was even more embarrassing. Panicked, she then held Ernest’s head in her arms and pressed it to her chest at once. Ernest’s face pressed against her breast. A low, muffled grunt came out of his throat. Florence’s face instantly became even redder and she wanted to die. Stanford’s lips twitched and he felt even more embarrassed. What the hell did he see!In such a wilderness, they surprisingly, surprisingly…“You all fucking stop going forward. Turn around and go back!”Stanford turned around to face the other side of the grass and roared with a darkened face. The few bodyguards who were originally going to pass through the grass were scared out of their wits by this roar. They did not even dare to think about the reason and just quickly turned around to walk backwards. “What’s wrong?”Phoebe thought something had happened so she hurriedly ran over, wanting to take a look at the scene behind the grass.