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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 608: Awkward Straight Man

Arriving at the ladder, Phoebe stopped three steps away from it. Without raising her head, she said, “Let’s go. ” Stanford stood upright, slightly frowning. He stood there because it was a bit difficult to the board by the ladder. Besides, her vision should be blurred because of crying too much. He was afraid that she would fall, so he waited for her here purposely. However, she stopped far away from the ladder, seemingly she wanted him to board first. He pressed his lips and said in a deep voice, “After you. ” Phoebe slightly raised her head, looking at the distance between the ladder and Sanford. It was a small ladder, the width of which only fit for one person. Stanford’s tall and strong figure was right next to the ladder. If she walked on, she would be pretty close to him. If she wasn’t careful, she might rub him by accident. Phoebe hesitated. She said hoarsely, “Well. I can board after you. You are the master. Please go ahead. ” Stanford was silent. He looked at Phoebe in depression. It was just to board the helicopter. He wondered why she was so hesitant. He said again in a deep voice, “I’ll be watching. You first. ” Would he be watching? Phoebe wondered what he would be watching. She looked confused, but still standing motionlessly. Addison was standing next to them and watching the scene, and his mouth corners couldn’t help twitching. He couldn’t stand it any longer, so he said, “Miss Jenkins, please board first. It’s not easy to walk on the ladder. You may fall. Mr. Fraser is standing here to protect you!” Upon hearing it, Phoebe gaped at Stanford in disbelief. She couldn’t believe that he was standing there purposely to protect her. He hated her so much. How come? Stanford thought that way indeed, but when Addison exposed his thought, he felt extremely uneasy. He felt as if he was doing something shameful. With a darkened face, Stanford snapped, “Addison, shut up! Do you want to be transferred to Africa?” Addison trembled in fear. Immediately, he covered his mouth, looking at Stanford in complaints and grievances. He explained to Miss Jenkins for the sake of Mr. Fraser’s lifetime happiness, but why didn’t Mr. Fraser appreciate it? After frightening Addison, Stanford looked over at Phoebe. He said awkwardly, “Lady first. ” Phoebe looked at his reached-out arm that was so gentlemanly, and the fluctuation in her heart immediately calmed down. It turned lifeless and peaceful. Of course, how could he protect her purposely? He was just doing it as a gentleman as usual

“No, thank you. ” Addison added, “How about dessert? What would you like to eat? We also have cakes, cookies, and some fruits. ” “I don’t have any appetite

. Please don’t bother,” Phoebe rejected indifferently. After crying, her voice was still hoarse. Addison immediately raised his voice and said with concern, “Miss Jenkins, you don’t want to eat or drink anything, but you look quite pale. Do you not feel well?”“No, I. ” When Phoebe was about to deny, a hand was reached out in front of her to grab her wrist. She suddenly stiffed. When she was about to struggle, Stanford’s big hand gripped her tightly to stop her. With a frown, he said in a deep voice, “Don’t move. Let me check you up. ”He gripped her wrist, feeling the pulse. Phoebe gaped at him as if she was had a lightning strike. How could Stanford take her pulse?She wondered why he could do Chinese traditional medicine. However, that was not the key point. Phoebe stared at his knuckled hands. His fingers were slightly bent, clinging to the skin of her wrist. His palm was a bit cool. It felt like jade, making her feel quite comfortable. Although his hand was cool, Phoebe felt as if her skin was burned by the fire, which became reddish and burning. In a panic, she said in a stiffy tone, “I. I’m alright. You don’t need to do it. ”Anyway, no matter how she was, it had nothing to with him at all. He wouldn’t care about her. Why would he bother to fluctuate her heart, then?Stanford ignored Phoebe. With a frown, he kept taking her pulse seriously. It was Chinese traditional medicine, which he knew a bit. Although he wasn’t as professional as Collin, he was still capable. The longer he took her pulse, the deep his frown became. His face was darkened. He looked as if Phoebe had got some critical illness. Phoebe became so uneasy under his gaze, wondering if there was truly something wrong with her health. Addison also became nervous. In the beginning, he planned to bring them together. However, if Mr. Fraser had diagnosed any critical illness on Phoebe, it would be truly a misfortune. Besides, he rarely saw Mr. Fraser look so solemn. Phoebe must have critical health problems. Addison felt quite uneasy. He asked, “Mr. Fraser, how’s Miss Jenkins doing?”