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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 373: Back Home

On the hillside, she could faintly see some buildings. It was a large area of buildings, mostly covered by the woods. She couldn’t see the clear layout there. “Which real estate company has come out such an idea? They even built up villas on the hillside, which were located in the city center. I’m sure the rich families favored it a lot. Are all the rich and powerful families staying there?” “Yes, but not all rich and powerful families of this city. ” Florence asked in confusion, “What do you mean?” Stanford smiled and whispered, “It’s all members of our Fraser family who are staying there. Flory, we’ve arrived home. ” Florence was stunned instantly. Her brother’s words shocked her heart like an electric current. She looked straight at the hills down below and the faintly seen villas, her heart hammering. Her biological parents were here, weren’t they? Florence was a bit embarrassed, nervous, and a little overwhelmed surprised. Her mind went blank. She didn’t know how to face it. As if he had sensed Florence’s panic, Stanford put his hand on her shoulder, patting her gently. He comforted her in a gentle tone, “Flory, don’t be nervous. Dad and Mom are gentler than I am. They’ve been missing you all these years. They’ve been waiting for you always. ” Florence bit her lower lips, her heart still hammering. She had thought that it was an incredible miracle for her to meet Stanford, who brought her the warmth of a family. She treasured it so much. And now, she could own more things as well as her biological parents. She couldn’t help wondering what they looked like. Florence felt that her heart was even floating in the air. Collin, sitting next to them, had a darkened face. He looked at Stanford disdainfully. He could hardly bear Stanford in the past few days. Stanford had just found his younger sister back, but he had changed from an aloof and elegant nobleman to a sister-addicted brother. He has become extremely gentle, which always sickened Collin to get goosebumps. Collin couldn’t imagine how much the public images of their parents, who were always solemn and noble, would break down after they had met Florence. He hoped that they could be better than Stanford. He prayed. The helicopter arrived at the destination shortly. It landed on a huge parking apron on the hillside. When they were closer, Florence saw those villas on the hillside were luxurious, domineering, and magnificent. It was a huge area of villas, combined with the forests perfectly, just like a mini-country. Stanford got off first. Standing on the side of the helicopter, he reached his hand to Florence elegantly. “Flory, come down. ” Looking at the handsome and elegant gentleman, Florence had been used to his kindness

“You’re back. My child, you’re finally back home. ” Each of her words showed how much she had been missing Florence in the past each day and night

. She approached Florence closer stiffly. Raising her trembling hands, she reached out to Florence’s cheeks. But she seemed a bit hesitant and timid. She said between sobs, “May I touch you, please?”She had a dearly smile on her face, but she looked quite nervous and embarrassed as if she was afraid that Florence would be frightened by her. Florence felt that she was choked with sobs. The woman looked more superior than a princess. She was supposed to be graceful and confident. However, at this moment, she was looking at Florence despite her public image. It was so touching. Florence felt the heat in her eyes for some reason. Gritting her teeth, she approached the woman actively, so that the woman’s hands in the mid-air touched her cheeks. Her fingers were quite cold, but Florence felt the warmth that she had never felt before. She wondered if that was the warmth from a mother. The woman’s fingers couldn’t help trembling, touching Florence’s cheeks more lovingly. She wept and laughed. “Flory, my dear daughter!“It’s my fault. I let you wander outside when you were so little. You’ve suffered so much. “I’ll take good care of you and make up for you from now on. I’ll keep you by my side. You’ll never leave me again. ”She swept and hugged Florence in her arms. She hugged her daughter so tightly, full of euphoria that she finally found her daughter back as well as the fear of losing. Fortunately, she finally had found her daughter back. They didn’t need to separate each other and miss each other all day and night anymore. Standing next to them, the man looked at the hugging mother and daughter, his eyes also reddened. His daughter finally came back home. Florence was hugged off-guard. She stiffed a bit, feeling the woman’s warm brace and the pleasant scent from her. This embrace was supposed to be somehow embarrassing that she couldn’t adapt, but now it happened so naturally as if it was supposed to happen. The defense in Florence’s heart broke down in an instant. She felt her nose extremely sore, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her hands stiffed and trembled, grabbing the woman’s clothes. Her empty heart seemingly found a place to rest at this moment. She had a mother, a father, and a home.