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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 655: Bathing Together

His words were reechoing in her mind. Florence’s face became so red, covering her eyes more tightly. Annoyed, she said, “Stop being so shameless! I really need to take a bath. ” If it went on in this way, she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to step out of this room at all. Ernest’s eyes became darkened again when he looked at her shy face. Pressing his lips, he said in a deep voice jokingly, “Okay. ” As soon as he spoke, he reached out and lifted Florence from the floor together with the quilt. Florence’s expression changed dramatically. She looked at him in a panic. “Ernest, what else do you want?” If he wanted to do it again, she wouldn’t be able to stand it at all. Ernest strode over to the bathroom. He answered naturally, “I’ll take you for the bath. ” Florence didn’t understand -- she wasn’t crippled, but why did he want to take her to bathe? Instantly, she wanted to struggle. “I can do it myself. Put me down. ” “Walk by yourself?” Ernest lowered his head and glanced through Florence’s legs meaningfully. “It seems you weren’t hurt just now. You are still energetic. In this case, we should go on what we did last night. I haven’t had enough yet. ” Florence’s face went pale in fear. Without hesitation, she excitedly shook her head. “No, I don’t have any energy. I’m so tired!” When she got off the bed just now, her legs were weakened, so she fell to the ground. If Ernest still wanted to have sex with her, she was afraid that she would be disabled directly. They had made love for a whole night. She wondered why Ernest still hadn’t had enough. Florence wanted to cry but failed to shed tears. She started to worry about her future. In a blink, Ernest carried Florence into the bathroom. He put her to sit on the edge of the bathtub. Then he opened the hot water above it skillfully. The water ran out of the tap, quickly filling up the bathtub. Florence was sitting there, wrapped in the quilt. She gazed at the running water without a blink, afraid of taking a glance at the man who was standing next to her. She noticed that he was moving quite naturally, wondering why he didn’t feel embarrassed because of being naked. Florence even felt embarrassed when looking at him. Shortly after, the bathtub was full of warm water. Ernest reached out to close the tap. Looking down at Florence, he asked in a hoarse tone, “Do you want to take it off yourself or shall I help you with it?” Florence was startled, blushing again, wondering why she would need him to help her. She lowered her head and answered in a weak tone, “I can do it myself. ” “Ehn,” Ernest hummed and didn’t insist. He put the milk bath salt into the water, stirred it, lifted his foot, and sat in

She shivered. She wanted to cry but failed to shed tears, wondering if she could choose to go out. She wanted to escape from here

. However, under Ernest’s deep and threatening gaze, Florence was timid. She might be caught by Ernest before her feet reached the ground. Inwardly, she kept cursing Ernest for bullying her. Extremely slowly, she lifted her foot, reaching into the water in the bathtub. She blushed so deeply, looking away to dodge Ernest’s gaze. Last night, she had done the most intimate thing with him in chaos. This morning, they would bathe together. That was way too exciting. Florence’s heart hammered so fiercely as if it would pop out from her chest. Ernest watched Florence move. She moved pretty slowly as if a slow-motion of a beautiful woman going to bathe was playing to him. The scene could boil his blood more than a deliberate seduction. The desire that he had just suppressed not long ago suddenly was aroused again. Ernest’s breath became heavy. His eyes were so darkened as if they were burned with flames. Under his gaze, Florence became more nervous and her body tightened. She felt as if her skin was licked by flames. She felt shy, annoyed, restless, and embarrassed. She whispered in a weak tone, “Please. please don’t look at me in this way. ” She wished she could bury herself in a hole on the ground and hide inside. Ernest’s gaze was still glued on her body, wandering around each inch of her skin. His voice was extremely hoarse as if he was holding back something. “I just want to look at you. ”Florence was taken aback. Her heart skipped a few beats as if it was hit by the electricity. His words were reechoing in her mind. He meant that she had fully occupied his eyes. Florence realized it, joy and happiness rising and occupied her whole heart. She curled up her lips. When she moved, she also became more calm, feeling less embarrassed. Stepping into the milky water, she slowly sat down. The milky water covered most of her body, reaching the collarbones. It was like that she was wearing a milky gown. With the cover, Florence finally relaxed a bit. However, as soon as she wasn’t so shy and annoyed, an arm suddenly reached out from the water, wrapped around her waist, and pulled her into the man’s arms. “Swoosh. ”The sound of the water was heard. The next second, Florence’s back was clinging to Ernest’s chest tightly in the water.