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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 566: Beating to Death

“Oops. Look at his face. It was so seriously burned. He’s so pity. ” “He’s crying out for help. Does anyone know what’s going on?” “The woman pushing his wheelchair seems to have something wrong. Look. She’s glaring at him fiercely. ” “Excuse me, Sir. What happened? We can help you. People in the crowd started discussing. Some brave and courageous people stood out, wanting to help Benjamin. Florence’s temples kept popping. She felt a migraine. It couldn’t go on like this. If the onlookers increased, Benjamin might take the chance to escape. In that case, she wouldn’t be able to control him. In a hurry, Florence said with a smile, “We’re fine. Sorry for interrupting you all. He feels the pain from the burns so he couldn’t help but cry out for help. ” “I see. ” The onlookers understood and nodded. It was normal for Benjamin to cry out since he was burned so seriously. One of the onlookers suggested, “Miss, he looks so pitiful. If he can’t stand the pain, you can give him some anesthesia. ” Florence nodded in a hurry, pressing her lips into a smile. “Thanks for your concern. I got it. ” Secretly, she breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she had found an excuse to get it through. Then she lifted the scarf and was about to cover Benjamin’s face again. However, the latter suddenly pulled her sleeve and exposed the scissors that she was hiding in her hand. Pointing at her scissors, he let out a horrible scream. “I don’t know her! She wants to kill me!” Florence’s heart skipped a beat. Immediately, she was about to put away the scissors. However, since they were exposed just now, a lot of onlookers with good sight had seen them. The next second, all the onlookers were looking at her with alert and disgust. Some tall and strong men rushed to her violently, aiming to beat her. Florence stiffed, realizing that she would be in danger soon. She was alone and couldn’t fight against those people

In the crowds, women let out exclaims in fear. A man scolded in anger, “How ruthless this woman is! She wants to kill him in public. Get her! Get her!” The next second, a man rushed over to Florence threw a punch on her body mercilessly

. How could her body bear the man’s fist? In an instant, she lost her balance and stepped back, tasting the blood surged to her throat. Meanwhile, other onlookers smashed things in their hands onto Florence, including water, fruits, and loaves of bread. She was like a public enemy -- everyone wanted to beat her. Some even yelled, “Get her! The police will be here soon!”Florence tried her best to bear the pains on her body. She glared at Benjamin fiercely. Also, she missed his neck when stabbing, his neck was blooding seriously. It was unknown if he was still alive or not. Even if he hadn’t died, she believes she made him almost dying. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to kill him just now. “Lunatic!”The man who hit her walked to Florence again fiercely. Reaching out, he lifted her from the ground. With his strength, he raised her in the mid-air. He scolded, “How dare you kill someone in public! This is a society ruled by law. I’ll beat you to death!”As he spoke, he tossed Florence onto the ground forcibly. Then he stomped her. It hurt so much!Florence felt as if her whole body was torn apart. She trembled and huddled up. She tasted the blood in her mouth. The next second, her blood flew out of her mouth. She struggled, trying to stand up, but she received another violent kick from the man immediately. She flew in the mid-air for several meters and fell onto the crowds. The onlookers took a few steps back. Looking at her, they moved forward. Someone yelled, “Beat her to death!”Florence couldn’t think of anything. The next second, she only saw countless feet were kicking on her. In a panic, she couldn’t do anything but only hold her head. “Bang. Bang. Bang. ”The sounds of beating were muffled from her body one after another. She felt continuous pains. Florence saw black. She could only desperately held her head. However, she became dizzier and dizzier as if she was about to die at any time. She would be beaten to death