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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 270: Because I Don’t Want to Separate with You

He was standing on the corridor in front of the lift with his back against the wall. There was a touch of worry on his handsome face. It looked like something was weighing on his mind. Florence rarely saw such an expression on Reynold. Every time when she saw him, he would had a bright smile and an unruly look on his face. “Mr. Myron. ” Florence walked towards his with worries. Reynold then came back to his own sense. He looked up and saw Florence standing beside Ernest. Ernest was only a few inches away from Florence and his tall figure overshadowed Florence, giving people a sense of possession. Reynold felt even gloomier. He shifted his gaze back to Florence and curled his lips into a smile, “Finished your meal?” “Yeah, what about you? Why are you here?” Florence asked. Of course he was here to wait for her. Ernest and Florence had meal in an exclusive restaurant that was opposite to the restaurant for staff and they took an exclusive lift, so generally speaking they would not encounter others. But as Reynold hadn’t seen Florence having meal in the restaurant for staff for several days and he asked others about it and figured out what was going on. It turned out that Ernest had been having meals with Florence alone. Reynold felt inexplicably jealous and fretful, but he still maintained his smile. “I also finished my meal. I’m walking around casually. ” Reynold randomly found an excuse. He then asked, “What about you? I haven’t seen you for several days. What are you busy with?” “I’m reading on the books related to the project of PJ?” “How’s your progress? Do you have any problem?” Reynold asked with concern. When speaking, he subconsciously took a glance at Ernest. Ernest started learning designing several days ago, and Reynold didn’t believed that he would be so talented that he even had a thorough understanding of PJ and that he had no problem with it. Florence shook her head, “Temporarily I have no problem. ” Ernest had solved all her problem. Florence felt that her worldview had been refreshed again and again over the past several days and thought that Ernest was extraordinary talented. It was true that except for the gap of identity, there was also a huge gap of intelligence between human beings. Reynold’s hope was crashed and he felt a bit disappointed. He said with a smile, “That’s good. Feel free to ask me if you have any problem. ” “Okay. ” Florence nodded her head and then studied Reynold carefully

They made an appointment in a café near the hotel. When Florence arrived at the café, a waiter led the way for her. She walked over and saw the handsome man who was sitting by the windows alone and tasting the coffee

. He dressed casually, but it didn’t decrease his charm. He was as eye-catching as an illuminant. On his handsome face, his brows were knitted lightly, which added a touch of depression to his aura. Florence had an impulse to reach out to smooth the furrows of his brows. So as she had guessed, Reynold was really disturbed by some troubles and he was just forcing a smile in front of other people. Florence seemed to see through it and walked over following the waiter. “Mr. Myron. ”“Flory, you’re here. ”Reynold put down the cup of coffee, a touch of warm smile appearing on his handsome face and the gloominess on his face disappearing into the thin air. He had always been gentle and patient when he talked to her, “What would you like to drink?”“A cup of coffee, thanks. ”“A cup of coffee, half sugar, thanks. ” Reynold turned his head and said to the waiter. Florence felt a bit surprised. Reynold was really thoughtful that he even remembered her preference of sweetness. “Mr. Myron, looks like you’re not in a good mood. ” Florence sat opposite to Reynold and said. Reynold was a bit stunned, a touch of warmth flashing across his eyes. “How did you perceive it?” She also concerned about him, right?“What happened? May I help you?” Florence asked with concern. During this period of time, Reynold had not only been her instructor, but also her friend. She hoped that he would have a happy life emotionally. She hoped that she could help him if she was capable. Reynold, who originally felt fretful, was instantly consoled by Florence. She was indeed his medicine. “It’s true that I don’t feel good. But it’s because…”Reynold fixed his eyes on Florence and said word by word, “I don’t want to separate with you. ”Florence was stunned as she was extremely surprised by Reynold’s answer.