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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 610: Because of Her?

Silence blanketed the cabin. Except for two expressionless bodyguards sitting there like the background board, only Stanford and Phoebe were left there. Stanford pressed his thin lips, looking at Phoebe with a complicated expression. He frowned in regret and his mind was messy. He had heard what Addison complained just now. He wondered if it was because he failed to coax Phoebe so he felt so irritated and angry right now. Was it because of her? Stanford shook his head in disbelief. He denied it. He wouldn’t ever become like this because of a woman. He was sure that Addison was bullshitting because he was unhappy. Stanford gritted his teeth, unwilling to insist on thinking about this topic. He directly looked away. The cabin became completely quiet. Phoebe was looked out of the window, and Stanford was staring at his tablet. They didn’t interact with each other at all as if they were strangers sitting in the same cabin, and they would part after getting off the jet and not meet again. Phoebe looked out of the window in silence, feeling sadder, bitterer, and lonelier. She also realized more clearly that after they got off the jet and she met Florence, the last moment of goodbye would come. No matter how many feelings she was feeling, there wouldn’t be any chance at all. She felt helpless, and she felt more futile. Stanford operated on his tablet, working on something that would gape Addison. After twenty minutes, a helicopter flew over, flying in parallel with the private jet at the same speed. Later, after they communicated with each other, the hatch doors were opened at the same time. Feeling the wind flown into the cabin, Phoebe raised her head in confusion. In a surprise, she saw Addison standing at the hatch door, pulling a rope. She wondered what they were doing. In confusion. Phoebe peered out of the window. Between two planes, there were two ropes, on which a casserole was tied. While the ropes were pulled, the casserole was moving towards their private jet slowly. Phoebe gaped at them, an unreliable conjecture rising in her mind. Was the other helicopter delivering the tonic soup to them? It was way too. luxurious, wasn’t it? She wondered who could be so imaginative to figure out such a method. After a while, the casserole was obtained safely. The hatch door was closed. Shortly after, Addison held a tray, on which there was a bowl of soup, and came over. He carefully put the soup in front of Phoebe and said, “Miss Jenkins, please drink the soup while it’s warm. It’s quite good for your health. ” Staring at the tonic soup in front of her, Phoebe couldn’t believe that her ridiculous guess had been confirmed. Sure enough, the tonic soup was delivered by helicopter

When it was getting dark, the private jet had arrived at the villa. Phoebe knew that Florence was there. After getting off the jet, she couldn’t wait to see Florence

. However, there were several villas in front of her, all surrounded by bodyguards. Obviously, it was Stanford’s territory. Frowning, she turned around and asked, “Which villa is Flory staying?” “I’ll show you the way. ” Stanford strode towards the villa where Florence stayed. Looking at his receding figure, Phoebe felt depressed and upset. She pressed her lips. Without thinking about anything, she tried to clean up all the sadness in her mind. Then, she hurriedly followed Stanford to walk forward. As soon as they arrived at the entrance of a villa, its gate was opened from the inside. Florence was standing at the door, looking at Phoebe excitedly. She called, “Over here, Phoebe!”Phoebe suddenly paused, widening her eyes to look at the petite figure at the door. It was Florence for real. It was her!In an instant, Phoebe’s eyes became reddened. She couldn’t help holding back her tears anymore. She said between sobs, “Flory, are you truly all right?”Florence quickly looked at Phoebe up and down. Seeing that she had no obvious wounds, Florence breathed a sigh of relief. Immediately, she ran out of the door, pounced at Phoebe, and hugged her. “I’m fine. But, Phoebe, I’m so worried about you!”Phoebe was taken aback for a moment. Then she hugged Florence back. Her tears streamed down along her cheeks. She said in a trembling voice while weeping, “Flory, you are safe and sound. It’s so good. It’s so wonderful!”Only God knew how much she blamed herself and she wished to die in the past weeks when she had thought that Florence was dead. If Florence had truly died, Phoebe would definitely be living in the shadow all her life and never let go of the incident at all. Right now, Florence was still alive, which made Phoebe’s broken and depressed heart brighter. Phoebe hugged Florence tightly, weeping and laughing. “Flory, I’m too happy. You are fine! You are alright! I feel as if I’m still dreaming. I truly missed you to death!”Hugging Phoebe, Florence could clearly feel her trembles. She had never seen Phoebe so haggard and frightened. Feeling sorry for her, Florence patted Phoebe on the bed. She said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Phoebe. I made you worried. ”‘I also made you suffered,’ she added inwardly