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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 328: Being Caught Red-handed

Florence felt her hair stand on end under Brianna’s studying gaze, yet she could only force a smile. “Florence, hold on, there are only two days left!” Florence encouraged herself inwardly. She then finally felt relieved when the door of the ward was closed. But she still felt flustered. She turned around and urged the doctor, “Doctor, please get started. ” “Okay. ” The doctor immediately got started. Florence also stood beside the medical shelf and handed things to the doctor as usual. After leaving the ward, Brianna felt quite unhappy. “Mom, why should we follow Florence’s words? We’re Ernest’s families and she acts like we are outsiders. ” Georgia didn’t take it to her heart and smile, “They are a couple. It’s normal that they are more intimate. ” “They haven’t gotten married, have they? What will she do when they get married?” Brianna complained with dissatisfaction and became angrier. She had a hunch that there was something wrong and thought that Florence and Ernest must be trying to keep a secret from them, so they asked them to leave the ward just now. Brianna thought over it. She didn’t follow Georgia to the bench on the corridor; instead, she sneaked to the door and secretly took a glance into the ward through the window on the door. They she saw that Florence was standing among the doctors and handing medical instruments and medicine to the doctors. Brianna was a bit shocked. Florence was not a medical profession, how would she do such a kind of thing? “Mom, come here to have a look. Florence was responsible for handing medicine to the doctor. There are many doctors in this hospital, are they all unavailable? Florence is not a professional, how can she hand the medicine to the doctor. It will be a total disaster if she hands the wrong medicine. ” Georgia, who was about to sit down on the bench, was froze when she heard the words. Florence handed the medicine to the doctor? Georgia slightly knitted her brows. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Florence. It was just that the Hawkins family had been a noble family and it had a medical team that was composed of top-class and the most professional doctors. Therefore, it must be a professional to do it even if it was simply about handing the medicine. How would Ernest ask Florence to do such a kind of thing? “Oh gosh! What’s Florence doing now?” Brianna suddenly exclaimed in shock, “Florence secretly changed Ernest’s medicine. She wants to hurt Ernest!” Georgia was thrilled by her words. She hurriedly turned over and rushed to the door. Florence just finished changing the medicine when Georgia looked into the ward through the window. Georgia was stunned. She hadn’t expected that Florence would do this kind of thing

Then she also knitted her brows tightly. She asked in a deep voice, “Flory, what’s going on?” Georgia still decided to give a chance to Florence. Florence looked towards Georgia gratefully

. Under such circumstance, unlike Brianna, who reproached her without giving any opportunity for her to explain it, Georgia still gave her a chance. However, Brianna didn’t intend to give her such an opportunity. She said in a high voice, “You secretly changed Ernest’s medicine and intended to hurt him. We should call the police. How dare you to hurt and frame him? Is the Hawkins family a powerless family in your eyes?”Her words were a conviction of Florence’s crime and she was implying that Florence was just an outsider. After finishing the words, Brianna exerted great force to her grip on Florence’s wrist and pulled her towards the door. Florence was so weak to resist against Brianna. Her skin got red and she herself staggered. If she was jailed, who would apply the medicine on Ernest and who would believe that she was innocent?Although Collin’s medicine was really effectively, it was really hard for them to agree with her behavior of changing Ernest’s medicine secretly. Moreover, she would be convicted. Florence felt deeply troubled. She was in a panic, yet she didn’t know how to cope with it. “Let go of her. ”A man’s cold low voice sounded and it was apparently an order. Brianna, who was pulling Florence towards the door, froze when she felt a gush of chillness from behind. She uncontrollably trembled. There was a slight change in her expression. Brianna turned around and then said righteously, “Ernest, Florence has an evil intention and she wants to hurt you. You can’t keep such a person in your ward, in case that she would do something desperate and crazy when she’s cornered. I should control her now and let the police deal with it. ”Ernest pulled a long face, “I don’t want to repeat my words. ”His gaze was icy-cold like a substantialized sharp dagger. Brianna was startled and let fo of Florence. She was scared and at the same time reluctant to admit defeat. Florence was caught red-handed, why Ernest still protected her firmly?“Ernest, even if you want to protect her, it shouldn’t be done at the cost of your health. ”After finishing the words, Brianna specially took a glance at Georgia, suggesting Georgia to intervene in this since she herself couldn’t deal with it. She wanted to let Georgia realize that Florence had done something unforgivable. Nevertheless, Georgia didn’t utter even a syllable. She simply looked at Ernest with a complicated look. It seemed like she was waiting for Ernest’s decision