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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 237: Being Distant or Near

Timothy was afraid that Florence would go upstairs to fetch her luggage and move into Philus Hotel. He immediately opened the rear door open for her and showed her the way respectfully. “Ms. Fraser, please get in the car. ” Florence was still confused. Her mind was so messy as a tangled thread ball, and she couldn’t tell what was going on exactly. She still wondered what Ernest meant exactly. Before she could figure it out, Reynold also said, “I’m going to Philus Hotel for checking out. I can drive you there, Florence. ” When they were talking, the hotel usher drove Reynold’s car to the entrance. Looking at both cars in front of her, Florence was more puzzled. She felt like that she was forced to make a decision as soon as possible. And now, the problem was not that if she should move out or not, but whose car she should get in. “Let’s go, Florence,” Reynold added gently. Looking at Reynold and Timothy, Florence was thinking. She had drawn a clear distinction with Ernest, so it would be better if she could cut ties with him as much as possible. It also worked on Timothy. Pressing her lips, Florence said, “Timothy, thank you. I can take Mr. Myron’s car. ” Reynold immediately smiled joyfully. He strode over and opened the door of the passenger seat, inviting Florence to get in. Florence lowered her head and walked towards Reynold. Right then, Timothy suddenly stood in front of Florence. He slightly cast a glance at a room upstairs of the hotel with a long face. Then he whispered, “Ms. Fraser, no matter what happened, you are still Mr. Hawkins’ nominal fiancée now. You should care about his dignity in public. ” That meant that when he and Reynold were offering a ride to her, Florence couldn’t ignore Timothy and get into Reynold’s car in public. If someone saw what happened, there could be a scandal soon. In the past, Florence always cooperated with Ernest. But now, because of being so cooperative with him, she felt that her relationship with Ernest was more and more out of control, which led to the things that had happened last night. She wanted to dodge. However, in public, she personally still didn’t want to damage Ernest’s dignity. After a hesitation, Florence said, “All right. I’ll take a taxi there. Mr. Myron and Timothy, please don’t bother. ” Before they could speak, Florence walked straight to the roadside after finishing her words and hailed a taxi. Timothy looked at Florence in surprise, feeling so shocked. He had never expected that Florence would rather take a taxi herself instead of taking Mr. Hawkins’ car. She obviously distanced herself from him. Then he recalled Mr

” “Okay,” Florence agreed, nodding. Through these days, Reynold had helped her a lot and she had used to it. Walking out of the studio, Florence walked to the hotel restaurant with Reynold naturally

. There was a buffet in the restaurant, but the guests could also order dishes. There were different dishes, both western and Chinese. Besides, the company would fully cover their meal allowance. The lunch break was a good time for the coworkers to relax. Most of their coworkers were there. They always ordered their favorite and expensive dishes to enjoy. However, Florence only chose to eat the buffet in recent days. It was fast and convenient. She could leave as soon as she had finished eating. She made the same decision today as well. After picking up a few dishes, she took her plate to her seat. Reynold wasn’t picky at all. He also chose to eat buffet. With a few dishes of food on his plate, he took the tray to Florence's table and sat down opposite her. They worked together and they had lunch together, which Florence thought was normal. Hence, she didn’t feel any uncomfortable, starting to enjoy her lunch. Reynold also got her a bowl of soup deliberately. He pushed it to Florence. “Have some soup, Florence. ”“Thanks, Mr. Myron. ”Florence smiled politely, continue eating. Right then, there was a small uproar in the quiet restaurant. Ernest, in an ink-black suit and looking tall, strong, and elegant, walked into the restaurant elegantly. When the employees saw him, they were surprised and joyful. They secretly discussed him, fully attracted by him. Ernest looked elegant and noble. Without looking around, he walked in step by step. It seemed that he was walked in the direction where Florence was sitting. Two women sitting next to Florence were discussing enviously. “Gosh, Mr. Hawkins is walking towards us. ”“What are you dreaming of? Mr. Hawkins must be here for Florence. Florence is his fiancée. ”“Yeah. I’m just so envious. Is he coming to have lunch with Florence together?”“I guess so. Upon hearing their discussion, Florence felt fluctuated in her heart. Looking at Ernest who was approaching her step by step, Florence grabbed her chopsticks tightly, and her mind was in a mess.