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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 174: Being Drugged

It was 8. 30 p. When Charlotte came back, the door of the villa was still open as if it was deliberately left for her. Usually, when she occasionally went out, except for Florence, the villa door would not be opened for her to directly walk into. But lately, Florence did not come downstairs. Therefore, Ernest must be the one who left the door open for her at this time. If it was usual, she would certainly be moved. But today, she felt only grieved. She thought in her mind that the reason that Ernest left the door open for her was to let her quickly leave. That man was extremely earnest at all times to let her leave quickly. But, Charlotte was stubborn. The more one let her leave, the more her unwillingness to leave, even… She touched the newly bought perfume bottle in her bag then gently opened the door of the villa. She seized the opportunity that nobody was in the lobby and hurriedly trotted into her room. But when she closed the door, she deliberately made a moderate sound that was just nice to be able to be heard in the entire villa. As expected, not long after, Ernest came down from the bedroom upstairs. He walked up to the door of Charlotte’s room, raised his hand and knocked on the door. ‘Knock knock’. He knocked twice. The knocking sound was sharp and cold like his temper. “Coming. ” Charlotte’s voice sounded in the room very soon. Then, it could be heard that she was stumbling while walking over. It seemed that she was walking in a messy way. With a ‘click’ sound, the door was opened from the inside. “Sis, you find me…” Before the words were finished, Charlotte was very surprised to see Ernest who was standing at the door. She immediately froze in shock. Her tone was a little incoherent too, “Bro, Ernest, how come it’s you, why do you come over?” Her action of taking off her clothes stopped abruptly. But the clothes had been taken off halfway so the scene and skin inside were all exposed. To see from the top, there were beautiful and alluring shapes. Ernest’s eyes inevitably saw Charlotte’s whole body. Charlotte was also stunned. However, the atmosphere did not freeze at all. Ernest’s expression was undisguised as if he did not see any scene that was not suitable for children. His face still looked cold. He even spoke in a tone as if he was handling a business matter, “You pack up first, tomorrow…” “Ah…” At this time, Florence suddenly gave a low cry. In a panic, she pulled down her clothes to cover her exposed body parts. Her cheeks were as red as an apple and when she looked at Ernest, she was even more panicky and shy. “Bro, Ernest, I didn’t mean to…you, I…” Seemingly embarrassed, Charlotte shyly closed the door of the room at once. Looking at the door that was closed in front of him, Ernest’s eyes darkened

Her eyes flickered as she looked at Ernest, “Why? Why do you suddenly want me to go home, Ernest?” “It’s time for you to go back. ” Ernest replied coldly. Originally, he intended only to come and inform her but after all, Charlotte was Florence’s younger sister

. He should not treat her like an outsider so he must make her agree to do so. Otherwise, if Charlotte did not want to leave tomorrow morning, Florence would be in a dilemma. “Ernest, I don’t want to go back. ”Charlotte’s eyes were red. She was looking at Ernest pitifully and was seemingly on the verge of tears. She looked so pitiful. Ernest pursed his thin lips and looked a little impatient. The pressure in the room was lowered too. This was a silent warning. Charlotte’s tears trickled down. She looked at Ernest pitifully. “Ernest, you want to drive me away. Is it that you don’t like me?”“I don’t like you. ”These words were uttered in an icy tone without any hesitation. This made Charlotte abruptly froze. Ernest was so cold that he did not have any sympathy at all. The way he looked at Charlotte was extraordinarily merciless. Facing Ernest with such behaviour, Charlotte only felt that what she faced was an iceberg. Even if she used up all her strength and temperature, there was no way to make him melt. When Ernest looked at Charlotte’s look as if her love was ruined before it formed, he frowned slightly. Except for Florence, he always did not care about the feelings of other women. But from the afternoon to now, Charlotte’s feelings for him were unreservedly shown. The matter that Ernest was liked by his sister-in-law-to-be made him felt disgusted. He disdained Charlotte even more. “Be obedient and go back, don’t have thoughts that you shouldn’t have. ”Ernest warned coldly. Finished speaking, he intended to leave. The smell and the person here made him felt frustrated. But after he took two steps, his body felt a strange feeling. His legs and hands surprisingly went weak as if someone had suddenly taken away his strength. And inside his body, a fire was burning. It rampaged through his body and finally gathered at the location of his lower abdomen. That was…Ernest’s face sank abruptly. His eyes darkened terrifyingly.