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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 54: Being Framed

But because she didn't want to be rude, she didn't ask him to leave. Florence didn't bother anymore, she didn't have much time so she had to put all her focus into her work. Cooper looked at Ernest with an indifferent look, and his eyes deepened. Ernest wasn't reading his book, he was clearly just having an eye on him and Florence. Didn't he already have a fiance? Why was he having this ambiguous attitude towards Florence? Even thought Ernest was very quiet while he was flipping through his pages, but his aura was too strong, Florence couldn't simply ignore his existence. This made her more reserved while she was working, and she also lowered her voice, it took a while before she got used to it. When it hit the noon hours, the hotel staff brought some lunch over. It was a couple of dishes, enough for two. When the clerk came in, he saw that there was another person in the room, and immediately said, "I am sorry, I didn't know there were three of you, I will ask them to bring another set of utensils and food. " "No need. " Ernest put down his book and got up. Florence thought he was going to leave and wanted to walk him to the door, but she heard his deep voice that didn't allow any denial, "Let me taste it. " Florence was speechless, it was time for tasking the food again, and she couldn't decline that. So she turned to Cooper and said to him, "Cooper, have your lunch first, I gotta do something, I'll be back later. " Cooper's eyes were complicated, his handsome face showed a smile though, and he replied quickly, "Sure!" Florence went outside with Ernest. Cooper, left alone in the room, looked at the lunch on the table, and suddenly felt no appetite anymore, instead, he seemed lost. There was another table filled with delicious food, and Florence did her tasting, not only her taste buds were satisfied, but her stomach was as well. After lunch, Florence went back to her room, but what was surprising was that Ernest came along with her again. He sat down on the sofa elegantly, picked up his book, and kept reading it. Florence didn't dare to say anything since he looked so focused on it, then she buried herself into work again. Time passed quickly when people were busy, it seemed like a blink of an eye as the days passed. The contest started. The contest officially started at 8 o'clock in the evening, after the semi finals, they would be standing on stage watched by the whole country, there would be an audience, and a lot of cameras to show them live on TV. It was going to be huge and lively. At 6pm, Florence arrived backstage at the contest. She went towards her spot that she was arranged to, but then she ran into Isabel

Florence's face darkened, her voice was serious, "I will keep an eye on you at all times, if you are going to do anything, I will make a big scene and ruin your career as a model. " If anything, she would pull her under water as well. Evelyn shrugged her shoulders as if she didn't care, "I am not that stupid

. "The two of them hated each other, but work was work, they had to cooperated with one another. But Florence unpacked her dress only after the contest already started, they didn't have much time left before it was her turn, when she gave Evelyn to try on. Even when Evelyn put on the dress, Florence followed her into the dressing room, keeping a close watch on her. She was afraid Evelyn might do something to ruin her dress. "Florence, don't worry, even if I want to ruin you, I wouldn't do something so low, I wouldn't drag myself into it. " Evelyn really didn't do anything, but when she looked at Florence, she smirked as if she was planning something. Florence felt her heart tighten up, she had a bad feeling. "Florence, it's your turn. " Winnie came to her to remind her. Florence felt a little nervous and looked at Evelyn, "Go already. ""Okay. "Evelyn smiled, then she put on her high heels, and went towards the entrance of the stage. It was a clean flowery dress, the color was mainly held in white, it looked like an angel, but with temperament, it was very beautiful. Winnie nodded towards Evelyn, then she stood beside Florence and said in a lowered voice, "To be honest, if nothing comes in between, your design might be the winner this evening. "The other dresses looked pretty as well, but none of them were as amazing and flexible as hers. She was made to be a design artist. Florence smiled politely, her eyes fixed on Evelyn at all times, if she could have changed her model, she wouldn't be so unsure right now. The models from before were leaving the stage and coming backstage one after another again, it was Evelyn's turn to walk now. Evelyn started her walk elegantly, but just when she was about to turn around, a waiter with a bottle of red wine was coming closer, and suddenly bumped into Evelyn. "My dress!" When Florence saw the red wine spill onto her dress, she was frozen in shock.