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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 424: Being Implicated

“Miss…” With speck of blood around Tammy’s mouth corner, she looked terrifyingly ghastly. She looked at Florence with watery eyes and trembled slightly, “Please leave it alone. I was the one to break the rules and I deserve the punishment. ” Punishment? He almost killed her! “I will protect you. And I won’t allow them to hit you again. ” Florence squatted down and embraced Tammy in her arms. She then raised her head and shot a fierce glance at the robust man with a stick in his hand, and then looked towards Victoria who was sitting on the sofa. “Mom, it’s my own business and it has nothing to do with Tammy. If you want to punish someone, just punish me. Tammy should not be blamed. ” A touch of gloominess flashed across Victoria’s eyes when she saw Florence embrace Tammy in her arms. Although her voice was elegant, it sounded merciless. “You’re the Miss and she’s your maid. But she allowed you to run away, which caused you to get hurt. She didn’t take care of you well. Originally, I planned to cope with this when your wound is healed. But she didn’t report to us when Ernest sneaked into your room and even stood guard at the door for you. There are all her mistakes. ” Tammy was frightened when she heard the excoriation and shivered again, her face ghastly. Her gaze towards Victoria was full of reverence and fright with a glimmer of despair in it. Those who made a big mistake in the Fraser family would have a miserable end. Bludgeoning was just a beginning. “Tammy did those things for me. ” Florence hugged the shivering Tammy with distress, feeling more guilty and perturbed. She looked at Victoria and said stubbornly, “You asked Tammy to take care of me. I’m her miss and she has to carry out my orders. It was me who ordered her to do those things. They have nothing to do with her. Mom, please, please don’t punish Tammy. She’s innocent. If you really want to punish or bludgeon someone, just bludgeon me. It was me who planned to run away and arranged the private meeting with Ernest. I did all of those things. They have nothing to do with any other person!” Victoria’s lines of sights became slightly gloomier

I was wrong. I won’t do that again. Please, please let go of Tammy

. Don’t hit her again. She will die if this continues!” Flustered, Florence begged Victoria. But out of her expectation, Victoria said something that made her more despairing and frightened at the next moment. She said word by word casually yet mercilessly, “To be beat until death is a punishment for her. ”The words exploded in Florence’s mind like a bomb, making her mind totally go blank. To beat her until death? To kill Tammy?She had never imagined that her mistake would cause the other person to lose her life. Victoria was gentle and amiable in usual times, but her means to punish others were really horrifyingly cruel. Florence’s eyes were blurred by tears. Looking at Tammy who was bleeding more and more blood, Florence felt like she was thrown into an icy-cold icehouse. Tammy’s voice had become hoarse after a long period of cries and shouting. She looked up at Florence and said with difficulty, “Miss, please leave me alone. I deserve the punishment and I have no resentments or regrets. It’s just that it’s really a pity that I didn’t help you. ”Tammy was seriously wounded, yet she was still worrying about Florence. Florence felt her heart throbbing in pain and she felt so guilty for Tammy. Was she qualified to let Tammy to sacrifice herself to such an extend? Even though Tammy was her maid, in Florence’s eyes, they were equal. Moreover, Tammy was her friend. “Mom, what should I do to let you let go of Tammy?”Florence wiped away the tears on her face and stared at Victoria. Victoria gently shook her head, “The Fraser family has always put the shoe on the right foot. ”The determination in her tone of voice made Florence feel despairing. She exerted great force push aside the two maids who were confining her and ran towards Victoria. She held up her hands with her cold hands and choked with sobs, begging, “Mom, I beg you, please let go of Tammy. If you beat her until death, I will owe her a life. I will be disturbed by this for the rest of my life and be tortured by guilty. ”Victoria inexplicably knitted her eyebrows, “If I let go of her now, it will go against with the rules of the Fraser family. You must be clear that the Fraser family is a big family and there are entangled benefit-based relationships in the family. If there are no rules, how can we subdue the subordinates and servants?”Florence couldn’t understand this. Although rules were important, they were not important than human being’s life. Moreover, Tammy didn’t commit a felony.