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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 490: Being Protective

He immediately became irritated, grabbed Ernest’s collar and said angrily, “You bullied my younger sister and still have a good reason?” Ernest looked calmed. He did not resist but he also did not show any weakness. When one of the two people at the front suddenly grabbed another’s collar, it immediately attracted the attention of Florence and Phoebe. When Florence saw Stanford’s fierce look as if he was going to hit Ernest at any time, her heart suddenly leapt to her throat. In the garden last time, Stanford had hit Clarence and Clarence’s face took several days to heal. She could not let Stanford hit Ernest again! Her heart would ache for him! “Stanford, what are you doing! Knock it off!” Florence hurriedly ran over and used both her hands to embrace Stanford’s hand that was grabbing Ernest’s collar. Her fingers were trying hard to move his fingers away. She said with a face full of anxiety, “You quickly let go of him, I don’t allow you to hit him!” Stanford froze. His lips twitched. He did not intend to hit Ernest. But, Florence’s reaction was a little too exaggerated! In the small garden last time, she did not have such a big reaction? It was only after Clarence had spoken something that she came to plead for mercy. Stanford frowned and questioned, “Why are you suddenly so concerned about him?” Florence’s heart throbbed and she was slightly diffident. This was her instinctive reaction! Her eyes flickered and while she hesitated, she inadvertently saw the bright red smear on Ernest’s arm. Her eyes widened in shock and she exclaimed, “You’re injured?!” Previously, he was wearing a black suit so she did not notice at all. Now, Ernest was only wearing a white shirt and the bloodstain only then looked obvious. Vexed, Florence pushed Stanford’s hand, “Stanford, you quickly let go of him, he is injured! If you bully him again, I'll ignore you. ” Stanford was speechless. Wasn’t he just grabbing his collar, he had not even started bullying, okay? Why was his younger sister biased like this? But, Florence had come and when he saw her action of being protective, he knew that he could not continue to give him a lesson anymore. Stanford could only let go of Ernest. Florence hurriedly held Ernest’s arms and looked at him in a manner that her heart ached for him. “Does it hurt?” She was very frustrated. Why did not she found that he was injured? If she realized it, he would not let him hold her and let him move around. Otherwise, his arm would not bleed so much. Ernest pursed his lips and curled into a doting smile. His voice was warm and gentle, “It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt. ” It did not hurt but when she saw it, her heart ached for him. Florence looked up at Stanford and asked, “Stanford, do you have any medical supplies with you?” Stanford nodded and then waved his hands. Immediately, a bodyguard came over and handed the small case he was carrying to Stanford

However, same as last time, she was treating Clarence though. Doubts became more and more in Stanford’s mind. He felt that the feeling of strangeness appeared again

. What the hell was going on? He could not figure it out. Ernest unconsciously glanced at Stanford and saw all the expressions on his face. His eyes darkened slightly and then he smiled at Florence. He said with a teasing smile, “You’re no longer angry now?”Florence paused her hands’ action in puzzlement. What was he saying, what did he mean by no longer angry?Ernest looked down at her and his voice was doting. “You were angry with me these few days so you treated me indifferently, now your heart aches for me? Will you still alienate me?”Florence’s eyes flashed and she instantly understood. Ernest was saying that when she got along with Clarence in the past few days, she was a bit indifferent and since he said like this, it gave her a good reason for the change of her attitude. So, this would not cause others to be suspicious about it. Florence inwardly admired his man who was so smart and her face made a pouting expression. She said, “If you make me angry again, I won’t bother you either. ”Ernest raised his hand and stroked Florence’s hair. He coaxed in a soft tone. “I’ll obey whatever you want me to do, okay?”His doting attitude made Florence feel happy. She blushed shyly and nodded, “Then you must not get hurt again in the future. Even if it’s to save me, you also cannot get injured. ”Florence said seriously and her hands’ action of cleaning the wound became gentler. Whenever she saw Ernest get injured, she could not help but think of the time that Ernest helped her to block that car accident and his look of lying in her arms with blood on his body everywhere and almost dying. Thinking of this, she would be frightened and her heart would ache for him. She was not willing to see him get injured again. Even if it was for her. Ernest pursed his thin lips but he did not answer promptly. If she was in danger again in the future, he would go and save her even if it would risk his life. After keeping silent for two seconds, he said, “You also promise me not to get hurt again in the future, okay?”Florence was speechless. How could she guarantee this kind of thing?Ernest was simply secretly changing the concept.