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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 100: Being Relieved at Last

“Boom…” The sensation on Florence’s lips blew her mind. Why, why did he kiss her? They were at the roadside outside of town. It’s dark, and there’s not even a single person passing by. The two of them were in the car, a man alone with a woman… Florence didn’t dare to continue thinking about it. Her heart was beating wildly, feeling panicked and chaotic. “Mr. Hawkins, stop it!” She felt uncomfortable and bit her lips. The words came out of her mouth one by one with immense effort. “Mr. Hawkins, please behave yourself. I’m not the kind of woman you think I am. ” The woman’s voice was soft, even with a slight tremble. The flame suppressed in Ernest’s body was instantly roused to the highest level. His gaze was spectral. He almost lost his sanity. After being frozen for a moment, Ernest slowly raised his head. He stared at Florence with a profound gaze. His tone was cold, “I kissed you just to get your mind off the unpleasant memories. ” Florence was stunned, looking at the man in shock. His voice was too cold, sounding without any trace of desire, giving an aloof feeling. Did she misunderstand him? Florence’s cheeks blushed even more. She felt so uncomfortable that she didn’t dare to look into Ernest’s eyes. Ernest stared at Florence, breathing heavily as if he was trying to restrain something. After a while, he released her. Then he sat back in the driver’s seat with an expressionless face and drove. The car was quiet again, but the amorous atmosphere still seemed to linger in the tiny space, causing her cheeks to blush uncontrollably and her mind to wander. Florence patted her face. She lowered the car window and turned her head to feel the wind. She no longer looked at Ernest. There was no talk throughout the ride. They were back in City N. On the way to send Florence back, they passed a bar, and they happened to stop at a red light. Florence looked out of the window in boredom. She surprisingly saw Cooper Scott, who she hadn’t been able to contact for so long. Unlike his previous charming and energetic image, his handsome face now had scruffs. There was also a light greenish tinge under his eyes. He looked extremely haggard. He also had a bottle of alcohol in his hand. He walked very unsteadily but didn’t forget to take a sip from the bottle

Evelyn seemed to have gotten used to it. She immediately stepped forward to hold Cooper again. “If I don’t care about you, who does? Stop it

. I’ll take you home, okay?”As if he heard some sensitive words, Cooper turned his head and gazed at Evelyn with a dazed look. His expression was filled with stirring emotions. He suddenly hugged Evelyn. His deep tone was full of sadness and helplessness. “Don’t leave me alone. Will you love me, even if you like me for just a little bit…”Meanwhile, Florence, who was about to get out of the car, did not continue with her action. It turned out that Cooper was with Evelyn. Looking at the way they were hugging, they must have reconciled. That would be good. Cooper would have someone to look after him. Ernest looked at her frozen look. A trace of displeasure appeared in his eyes. Then, he stepped on the accelerator promptly. The limited-edition luxury car immediately rushed forward. Outside the window, Cooper and Evelyn were getting farther and farther away. Florence withdrew her gaze and looked at Ernest. Thinking about her stubborn action of getting out of the car just now, she felt a little awkward. She pursed her lips and didn’t say anything. She continued to turn her head to face the window to feel the wind. She didn’t see that just after she left, Cooper furiously pushed Evelyn away. “You’re not Florence. You’re not her. You’re not…”He was all sadness. He took another large sip of his bottle and staggered forward. Evelyn stood frozen in place. Her face turned pale. There was only Florence in his heart. He got drunk because of her and had a breakdown because of her. “Cooper, all these years of relationship between you and I, is it sill no match for the less than a month you’ve spent with Florence?”She felt jealous, hate, and even more resentful of why she had lost to Florence. Undoubtedly, Cooper had loved her so much and even proposed to her. He promised to give her the grandest wedding in the world. Cooper kept on moving forward. His voice sounded a bit insane due to drunkenness. “Because she looks true than you”