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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 275: Being Slandered

“Have you met the girl you like already?” Florence seemed as if she saw the sun rising from the west, looking so surprised. She looked at Reynold expectantly. “Come on. Tell me. Who is she?” She knew that Reynold was a playboy but he was a nice man. Before he had fallen in love with a woman, he would be fooling around girls and change his girlfriends consistently. However, such kind of man would devote himself to love as soon as he fell in love with someone and dote his love wholeheartedly all his life. She was sure that the girl that Reynold had a crush on must be a happy one. Reynold gazed at Florence deeply, the emotion in his eyes almost bursting out. Pressing his thin lips, he asked in a low voice, “If you know who she is, would you help me chase after her?” “Certainly!” Florence nodded without any hesitation. Patting on her chest, she promised, “I’ll use all my unique skills and help you win that girl’s heart. ” With Reynold’s charm, she didn’t think it would be a problem to make the girl love him. Florence even believed that she would attend his wedding pretty soon. At the thought of it, she felt quite happy. Reynold, the well-known playboy, had turned himself around. There was still hope in life, wasn’t there? “You promised me, didn’t you? You can’t break it. ” Reynold pressed his lips, smiling more seriously. Florence nodded sincerely. “Sure! Please tell me quickly. Who on earth is the girl you like?” Reynold stared at Florence extremely tenderly as if his sight had become the gentle water in an instant, warm and charming. Lowering his voice, he said seriously, “It’s. ” He wanted to say it was Florence. “It’s Mr. Hawkins!” a woman’s excited exclaim was heard in the hall suddenly. Then there was a loud uproar in the hall. Everyone looked over to the door and exclaimed. “Gosh! It’s truly Mr. Hawkins! He’s here for the banquet!” “Oh, he’s some handsome! My eyes are blind by his stunning look!” “I’ve heard that Mr. Hawkins is extremely good-looking, but I’ve never expected that he’s so gorgeous! Ah! God is so unfair. How can other men survive under his halo?” “Besides being handsome, his temperament is so stately and noble. No one could compare. How I wish I could worship him by kneeling to him!” Everyone glued their gazes on Ernest eagerly. In an instant, he had become the focus of the hall. Florence’s heart skipped a beat when she heard his name. Subconsciously, she looked over at the door. Through the crowd, she saw that one-meter-ninety man standing straight. Then he walked into the hall elegantly

Myron, what’s wrong?” She found that Reynold looked a bit different than usual, seemingly something wrong. At the same time, Ernest’s gaze became cold. He stared coldly daggers at Reynold’s hand that was gripping Florence’s arm

. Reynold had a death wish, didn’t he? The crowd’s gazes were always on Ernest so they noticed his gaze. Following it, they looked over and found Reynold and Florence. They were standing together and the former was pulling the latter’s arm. It looked quite ambiguous. When Florence and Reynold came in shoulder-by-shoulder just now, almost all of them thought that Florence was Reynold’s girlfriend. They envied her a lot. However, judging from Ernest’s attitude, they sensed that something was fishing in the relationship among the three. Instantly, they all widely imagined what happened among them, including the love triangle, whom Florence had cheated on, and dating with two men at the same time. While the onlookers were watching the fun, a figure walked out from the crowd and pushed Florence away violently. “Florence Fraser, leave Reynold alone!”Florence was pushed off-guard. Annabelle used her full strength. Hence, Florence couldn’t keep her balance and stepped back, her waist knocking on the table behind her. She felt the sharp pain immediately. “Hiss. ”Florence’s face creased in pain. Covering her waist, she felt it were almost broken. Reynold’s expression changed dramatically. “Flory, are you all right?”Then he was about to walk to Florence, but Annabelle pulled him to stop. She stared at Florence hatefully and said in an extremely loud voice, “Reynold, she’s a bitch dating two men at the same time. Don’t be tangled with her any longer. She doesn’t deserve you!”As soon as she said that, the crowd immediately burst boos. Just now they thought that there was something fishy of the relationship among the three. Unexpectedly, the truth was revealed so soon . it turned out that it was the love triangle among them indeed. Both Ernest and Reynold were outstanding men. Since they heard that Florence was dating them at the same time, countless women at the scene were so angry that they wished to take off their shoes and toss them on Florence’s face. In an instant, countless hateful and disdainful gazes fell on Florence as if she was truly a shameless bitch. Even someone started discussing in a light voice in the crowd, talking about her rumors. Florence felt such a sharp pain in her waist. Under those gazes, her face paled. She wondered what had she done to make her suffer such thingsReynold’s face was so darkened as if the black ink would drip. “Annabelle, stop talking the nonsense! Shut up!”Annabelle retorted tearfully, “You are still protective to her now!”Although those were just simple words, with her pitiful and crying face, others immediately believed in her words