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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 636: Belated Care and Love

The gray-haired elder looked extremely annoyed, uneasiness surging in his heart. As he had predicted, if Ernest became the heir, he had a huge impact on him in terms of his interest and position in the family. Moreover, Aldrich realized that he had become a target for all even Ernest hadn’t become the master yet. He clenched his hands into fists in silence, looking vicious with a frown. He asked in a determined tone loudly, “Ernest Hawkins can’t give birth and his genetic disease has broken up, but he’s still alive. It sounds quite shocking, more like magic. Don’t you think it’s like the deception of the Arabian Nights?” Aldrich looked sharply at them, squeezing words between his teeth, “On my way here, I overheard that Stanford Fraser and Collin Campbell were discussing. They agreed to help Ernest by taking the rise of the reputations of the Fraser family and Collin Campbell. They decided to lie to us. “I’m sure they have lied. Ernest Hawkins has lost his birth ability for sure. They lied to us about his genetic disease as well!” The more he said, the more he believed what he said was the truth. He became more and more affirmative. His loud voice was echoing in the hall. Theodore frowned deeply, gazing at the gray-haired elder with his darkened eyes. With deep eyes, he was lost in thought. Stanford and Collin, who were mentioned, looked calm and natural. They didn’t look uneasy or panicked at all like someone’s lie was exposed. Stanford even curled up his lips into an ironic smile. He said with a playful smile, “I’ve heard that Master Aldrich from the Turner family is extremely wise. Now, I can tell you are just a reckless, stubborn, and stupid man. ” His words were full of disdain. The gray-haired elder’s angry face became more darkened. With popping blue veins on his forehead, he retorted fiercely, “Mr. Fraser, do you want to shamelessly deny what you’ve talked with Collin Campbell? I’ve overheard it in person. ” He felt quite unfortunate that he hadn’t recorded down everything he overheard. Otherwise, it would become the evidence and he could directly expose their lies. In that case, no matter how Stanford denied it, it wouldn’t work at all. Much to his surprise, Stanford directly admitted it, “Collin and I did have the conversation. We also knew that you were hiding behind the flowers eavesdropping at us. ” The gray-haired elder’s expression changed dramatically. Suddenly, he realized something. Stanford’s smile looked extremely sarcastic

He was schemed by others, lost the heir trained by him, and even his position of the lead elder. He was completely lost. The gray-haired elder looked sad and angry

. He parted his lips but couldn’t utter any word to defend himself or retort at all. The die was cast. He couldn’t turn the tables just by his own strength. As if he was aged in an instant, the gray-haired elder became lifeless, collapsing to sit on the chair. He had lost his wits. Watching the changes, Florence felt excited and delighted. It turned out that Benjamin had stepped into the trap and been hypnotized. That meant that they would know where Clarence was!Soon they would be able to rescue Clearance. The heavy stone pressed on her chest could finally fall to relieve her. After punishing Aldrich, Theodore still hadn’t given up. With a smile, he said, “Mr. Campbell, I promise that the people looking for the herbs will certainly be my trustworthy family members. They would never leak the information to others. Could you please let me know what herbs need to be found? I also want to help Ernest. ”He sounded quite sincerely as if he was a good grandfather who could do anything for his grandson wholeheartedly. If he hadn’t been so ruthless earlier. Collin looked at him calmly. He didn’t refuse immediately. Instead, he looked over at Ernest in question. “It’s your own life, Ernest. The Turner family will also belong to you. It’s all up to you no matter what plan you have. ”He let Ernest decide whether to tell the Turners about the herbs and let them help. Ernest was in the Turner’s, so he would have a clearer judgment on Theodore’s true or false love to him or the trustworthiness of helpers. After all, theoretical, with the Turner family’s help, Ernest would have more opportunities and possibilities to obtain the herbs. Florence’s expression slightly changed. She tightened her grip on Ernest’s hand, glinting at him with a complicated look. No matter what his decision would be, she would surely support him. However, she wondered if Ernest still wanted the Turner family’s family affection that was established on interests and Theodore’s belated care and love.