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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 509: Benjamin, How Dare You!

For safety purpose, Ernest might take off his mask immediately, so even if someone noticed him, he could explain by saying he came to see Florence secretly. No one would suspect that Clarence was Ernest. Benjamin had put so much effort into his evil plan, he won’t let Ernest had the chance to change. He looked at the time at the entrance of the washroom. Stanford was about to arrive too. He smiled, “Don’t let others come in, four of you come with me for the capture. ” Benjamin then walked into the female washroom fiercely. The ladies in the washroom screamed in shock seeing five men broke in. Florence came out from the toilet and saw Benjamin walked in. She was startled and shouted, “Benjamin, this is a female washroom, are you nuts?!” “Flory, I’m not here to go to the loo. ” Benjamin said sarcastically and swept his glance over the toilets. He then waved and shouted, “Check!” “Yes!” Four guards each headed to one door and kicked it opened to check. And rounds of woman’s shouting filled the entire washroom. “Ah!” “Pervert!” “What are you doing? I’m calling the police!” Women’s screamed filled the space. All the women turned white in shock and fled the washroom. Florence stood in the washroom looking at Benjamin coldly, she was infuriated. “Benjamin, stop at once! This is a female washroom, don’t you realize how distasteful your action is?” “I’m just checking, it’s much better than a man that entered a female washroom secretly. ” Benjamin mocked coldly, and his sight fell onto the last toilet which had yet been examined. Florence followed his sight and skipped a heartbeat. She rushed over the door, pushed the guard who was about to kick it open away and blocked with an opened arms. She then shouted angrily, “Benjamin, get out now!" They didn’t see Clarence after they kicked open the other doors, he was sure that Clarence and Ernest were hiding behind this door. Otherwise, Florence won’t be so nervous and angry. Benjamin smiled became brighter and more vicious

Presently, she was seen holding her reddened arm in extreme shock with tears in her eyes. She cried, “You… Are a bunch of perverts!” Benjamin's eyes widened! He looked at Phoebe in disbelief. How possible? It was supposed to be two Clarence inside

. He saw it with his own eyes that Clarence entered with Florence and all the windows and doors were guarded by his men, it was impossible to even for a fly to flee. Where did Clarence vanish into? “Where’s Clarence? I saw him entered, where is he hiding?”Benjamin mumbled in anger, he couldn’t accept what he saw. Not possible. It was not possible. He was going insane. Florence's eyes reddened, “There is no Clarence here, I came in with Phoebe and you rushed in with your men and kicked opened each door! You’ve seen enough, haven’t you? Benjamin, I’ve never thought that you are such a pervert!” Benjamin face stiffened, he was nervy and yelled, “Liar, you are…” Bang! His speech was interrupted with a punch on his face. Benjamin had no time to avoid, he fell a few steps behind, and blood flowed out between his teeth. He frowned. The moment he stood still, another punch came his way. Stanford shouted, “Benjamin, how dare you!” Tailing his sister to the bar and broke into the washroom with his men? He wanted to peep on his sister and injured Phoebe. What a bastard! Worthless piece of shit! Benjamin was no weaker, he was well trained in a fight too, seeing an approaching fist, he was ready to defend and counter-attack. He managed to avoid Stanford’s next punch and explained hurriedly. “Stanford, you’ve misunderstood, I can explain!” “Cut the crap!” Stanford threw a kick that landed on Benjamin’s body. Benjamin fell a few steps behind again and hit the wall. His stomach was in tremendous pain and he threw up a mouthful of blood. Stanford showed no mercy, he wanted to kill him. Benjamin sight’s turned cold and mean. He held up his fists and wanted to rush towards Stanford