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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 448: Benjamin Snatched the Necklace

Stanford’s obvious alienation stunned Phoebe, making her feel a bit disappointed. She liked Stanford, but it seemed like he didn’t have any feelings for her. Stanford noticed Phoebe’s disappointment and felt a bit conscious-stricken. He pressed his lips together and said uneasily, “Thank you for your favor just now. ” Phoebe’s eyes suddenly lit up. She looked at Stanford in surprise. He thanked her just now. It seemed like he was not that indifferent, right? Even so, she felt hopeful in heart again. Phoebe said smilingly, “Nothing. It’s what I should do. If you really want to thank me, can you gift me a necklace?” Stanford was rendered speechless. He had never seen such a proactive person before. Yet Stanford still nodded his head gentlemanly, “Okay, select one. I will pay it. ” Phoebe felt delighted. Even though it was asked by herself, it was the first present from Stanford and this was enough to make her happy. She walked to the cabinet in a good mood and said to the shop assistant, “Can you please show me the best necklaces in your store? I want to select one. ” The shop assistant immediately took out several best-sellers and then put the necklaces on the cabinet orderly. “Miss, these are the specialties of our store. These styles are the best good-looing and are all selling good. ” Phoebe took a glance at them and then turned around and said to Stanford, “Mr. Fraser, come and have a look. Which one looks best?” Stanford replied expressionlessly, “Choose the one you like. ” “Now that you are the presenter, you should choose the gift. ” Phoebe looked at Stanford stubbornly and said meaningfully, “Only in this way will it show your sincerity. ” If he didn’t choose the gift for her, did it mean that his gratitude was insincere? Stanford was rendered speechless. He sighed in his heart again that it was really difficult to cope with women because they were always pretentious and unreasonable. Yet he had no other choice. With a gloomy expression, Stanford walked to the cabinet. He looked down at the necklace. They were all accessories hanging in front of the neck and the styles looked similar. Why did he have to distinguish which one was better-looking? Knitting his brows, Stanford felt that it was really hard for him to choose one. Florence, who watched this by the side, couldn’t help but chuckle. She said to Ernest in whispered, “Looks like Phoebe is an invincible opponent for my brother. ” Even since Phoebe came here, Florence had seen the uneasy and hesitant expression on his face for several times

“Mr. Turner, Clarence decided to buy this necklace prior to you and he intended to gift it to you. Even if you have so much money, you have to adhere to the rule of ‘first come, first served’

. Please take back your cheque. ”A touch of gloominess flashed across Benjamin’s eyes, yet he still wore a gentle smile on his face. He said, “Flory, no matter who the presenter is, you’re the one who receives this necklace. I want to pay the pill and Mr. Jenkins has no problem with it. You shall not care about this trivial detail. ”When speaking, Benjamin took a sarcastic glance at Clarence, “Am I right, Mr. Jenkins?”It sounded like a question, but it was indeed an assertive sentence. He was satirizing at Clarence since he didn’t even say a word ever since he intervened in this. Although the necklace would be presented to Florence in the end, the two men were now battling on who should pay the bill. The one who made concession on this matter would be a loser. Stanford and Phoebe had selected a necklace and bought it. When they turned around, they noticed the strained atmosphere around the three of them. Phoebe immediately felt unhappy, “Obviously that Benjamin is here to make a fuss. He grabbed the other person’s thing and then mocked at Clarence. How shameless he is!’Phoebe wanted to walk over to scold Benjamin, but was then stopped by Stanford. Stanford studied Clarence and Benjamin alternatively and said in a deep voice, “It’s a matter between the men. Let them solve it by themselves. ”He was also curious about how Clarence would solve this. Ernest pressed his thin lips together and curled his lips into a contemptuous smile. “Mr. Turner, do you think paying the bill will mean that the necklace will belong to you? You’re not the one to find it and you’re not the one to select it either. ” He paused and then raised his eyebrows disdainfully, “Or could it be that Mr. Turner is not good at appreciation, so that you can only snatch the gift selected by me and then send it to Florence?” His words humiliated Benjamin. Benjamin’s expression immediately became hideous. He looked at Clarence coldly. Florence didn’t show respect to him. And now, even Clarence, an insignificant young master from City N, dared to satirize him?Benjamin walked to Ernest with a cold expression and threatened him in a deep voice, “Mr. Turner, some things are destined to belong to the other person. If you’re not qualified and powerful enough to covert or snatch the other people’s things, have you ever considered whether you can bear the consequences or not?”Although they were talking about the necklace, Benjamin was actually mocking at Clarence that his family background was far less a match for the Turner family. More importantly, he was intimating Clarence that if he kept offending him, he would use the power of the Tuner family to bring troubles to the Jenkins family in City N…