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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 37: Better Than All of You

Florence was not full so when she saw a table of delicious dishes, she was instantly tempted. But she still asked in a very reserved manner, “Mr. Hawkins, is there anything I can do for you?” Now only then Ernest noticed that she had come. He took a glance at her graciously with a little coldness. He spoke in a cold tone, “Taste the dishes. ” “What?” Florence was bewildered and did not understand what he meant. The waiter standing at the side immediately said with a smile, “These dishes are newly created by the chef and Mr. Hawkins perhaps won’t like to eat all of them. So, Ms. Fraser, please give each dish a try first and then you recommend the good ones to Mr. Hawkins. ” Florence froze. She was exceptionally flabbergasted. This was the first time she heard of such a way of testing whether the dishes were delicious. Moreover, why did she feel that it was like in the ancient era in which the eunuch tasted the dishes to see if there was poison before the king ate them? Florence felt a bit strange and wanted to refuse, “Mr. Hawkins, we have different tastes. The one I find delicious may not be delicious for you, so…” “The dishes you brought up that day were fine. ” Ernest interrupted her in a faint tone. Florence was stunned for a moment, the lunch box from the canteen that day? She said all of the dishes were her favourite… So, his taste was similar to hers? “Mr. Hawkins, why don’t you eat it yourself? Give every dish a try and if you like it, that’s good but if you don’t, it isn’t a big problem too. ” Florence looked at Ernest in confusion. What was not said was, why did he let her taste the dishes? Timothy had been his subordinate for a long time so he should know what his taste was. However, Timothy was just standing outside the door. But she, a person who had nothing to do with Ernest… Ernest gazed at her and uttered some words that she could not refuse in a low tone. “This is the part of a fiancée’s responsibility. ” Florence was speechless. Fiancée’s responsibility again! Florence swallowed her saliva and was speechless. Now, she wished that she could strangle herself during the banquet that night. Why did her mouth blurt out shit in which she said the fiancée’s responsibility? Helplessly, Florence could only obediently pick the chopsticks and started to taste the dishes. Although she was quite reluctant, the deliciousness of these dishes was beyond her imagination. The dishes were very much to her taste and they were so delicious that she still wanted to continue tasting after tasting a little. Timothy, who was standing not far away, was watching Florence taste the dishes. He could not help but admire his own master very much

“Florence, have you heard that? You’re not eligible to participate in this competition at all, you hurriedly give up the place to let others have it. Don’t disgrace our company, otherwise, none of us will let you off. ” Florence had known the names much earlier

. She originally did not intend to involve in the discussion but they unexpectedly still went to provoke her. And none of them had seen her designs and known how her design ability was, yet they dismissed her right from the start. On what basis? She stopped doing her thing and looked coldly at them. “Since I’ve gotten the place, I’ll try my best in this competition. As for whether I’ll disgrace the company, you guys can wait and see the result of the competition. ”All the arguments now were meaningless. However, these people did not intend to let go of Florence. Several women walked over and surrounded Florence. Each of them had a fierce and vicious look. As if representing everyone’s opinions, Elise first pointed at Florence and accused her harshly. “Florence, don’t you know your self-ability? You’re just a trash newbie who doesn’t even have any work, how dare an ineligible person like you stand on the stage of the Ovi Fashion Design Contest? You don’t mind feeling ashamed but we do. ”Having no work had always been Florence’s Achilles heel. Therefore, Elise also used this fact to prevent Florence from having the opportunity to come out with her own work. That was why even after Florence had worked in the company for a year, she was still in the state of newbie without any qualifications. Now, Elise wanted to use this fact to suppress her again. Florence was boiling in rage and she was so angry that she clenched her hand tightly into a fist. If she had a work, she would not be humiliated and suppressed by them now. “Who says that Florence has no work?”A clear and warm voice sounded and it was as pleasant as the sound of spring in the mountains. Cooper walked over with a pictorial. He opened and placed it in front of the crowd. “This is the clothes designed by Florence for the CEO, the official production process of it has already started. ”This meant that this design had been finalized and had become Florence’s qualification and achievement. This was a refined and enlarged pictorial. To be opened and placed here like this, its strong point was being shown enormously. When the crowd looked at this pictorial, they were fascinated and amazed. This was design by Florence?They really could not believe it as it did not look like the level of a newbie at all. “And as far as I know, this design has the best score in the professional assessment ever, better than all the designs of you guys in the past years. ”Cooper curled his lips and looked at the crowd provocatively. His arrogance was totally undisguised.