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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 512: Bid Farewell

The matter that Ernest utilized Clarence’s identity was a hidden secret. It would not always be so lucky every time that it could be kept secret. If Benjamin succeeded in setting up once again, the future of Ernest and her would be all ruined. Florence gritted her teeth and said firmly. “Even if you’re the young master of the Turner family, you also shouldn’t do such a despicable and shameless thing. I’m sick to my stomach when I see you staying in the Fraser family. No matter what, I absolutely won’t allow you to continue to stay in the Fraser family. ” “Flory, I understand that you’re just rashly saying this because you’re too angry. You don’t understand how complicated the relationship between the Turner family and the Fraser family is. ” Benjamin pursed his lips and explained patiently, “Don’t be wilful, let your elder brother solve this matter, okay?” Anyway, Stanford was still the one who decided the matter in the Fraser family. Florence was the apple of an aye of the family but the right to decide and comment about these big decisions was still in the hands of Stanford. Even, it was in the hands of Victoria and Alexander. Florence frowned tightly. She was so angry that her cheeks turned red. Benjamin was indeed too hard to be dealt with. He was despicable and shameless. He knew that he could not excuse himself and now, he surprisingly wanted to use the relationship between the Turner family and the Fraser family to persuade and threaten them in order to be allowed to stay here. Since he was so determined, he must be having lots of plots and bad intentions. Stanford was the young master of the Fraser family so when he handled any matter, he would always first consider the interests of the Fraser family. Florence became more and more depressed and dejected. Things had already come to this point but Benjamin still could not be driven away? Keeping this large time bomb that may explode at any time around would shatter and spell an end to Ernest and her. Florence was scared. Stanford looked askance at Fraser’s extremely pale face. A touch of darkness and determination flashed in his eyes. He looked at Benjamin coldly and his words could not be refuted. “Mr. Turner, the Turner family still has a lot of things for you to handle, you should go back to the Turner family. ” These euphemistic words represented the straightforward intention to drive him away. Benjamin froze for a moment and looked at Stanford who was in front of him incredulously. He did not expect that Stanford, who had always been calm and wise would surprisingly choose to let him go regardless of the general direction of the family’s interests. He should be very clear that if he drove him away, Benjamin and the Fraser family would be almost considered to have a falling out. If Benjamin became the family head in the future, the relationship with the Fraser family would become very serious and difficult

Benjamin who was plague-like could finally be sent away! But, she was also very surprised. Why would Benjamin, who was previously still very arrogant and cold when threatening them, suddenly admit defeat? Why did they say that the Turner family would extinct and have no descendants after its relationship with the Fraser family was broken? Florence could not understand. Benjamin had completely lost this match in a way that he had never expected

. He had even lost the right to stay in the Fraser family. Once he left the Fraser family, it would be inconvenient and difficult for him to intervene or ruin the plans of Florence and Ernest. When the time came, he could only watch them develop deliberately step by step and then stand steadily in the Fraser family. And since Ernest was so smart at thinking about good plans, it was also possible that he would return to the Fraser family using his identity as Ernest. By then, if Ernest married Florence, he would be all over. Theodore would also only give the succession of the Turner family to Ernest and the group of elders of the Turner family would also support Ernest for the sake of the Fraser family. At that time, all his current advantages would be suppressed and turned into disadvantages that would be difficult for him to fight back. How would he be willing to accept this?Even if he had to leave, he also had to destroy Ernest before that!Benjamin’s mind was flashing with ideas quickly. He looked at Stanford with a sincere expression. He said, “Since I’ve stayed in the Fraser family for such a long period, I must thank the elders of the Fraser family. Before I leave, reasonably, I should say goodbye to the two elders personally. Mr. Fraser, can you allow me to do so?”This request was not excessive. It was also quite reasonable. Florence, however, frowned. She kept feeling a little uneasy. Benjamin was seemingly not someone who would admit defeat so easily. Since he said he wanted to say goodbye personally, could it be that he actually wanted to sow discord again?She was very unhappy and reluctant about it. However, thinking that Stanford had ignored the interests of the Fraser family and driven Benjamin away for her, it was really unsuitable for her to say anything else. Even if he wanted to say goodbye, it was only a matter that would happen within one or two days. As long as she kept herself alert, there should not be any major problems. Besides, Ernest was not here now. The person here was real Clarence. It was impossible for Benjamin to turn the real one into a fake one. After thinking about it carefully, Florence comforted herself in her mind. She was calm. Even though Stanford was very disgusted with Benjamin now, he would still maintain the basic courtesy. He said with a deep voice, “I’ll arrange for you to bid farewell to the two elders tomorrow. ”