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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 686: Biological Brother?

“He’s not here. ” The woman impatiently dropped a sentence and was about to walk away. Florence was shocked, how came Ernest was not there? She did not care about the pyjamas she was wearing. She hurriedly followed the woman out of the room and asked anxiously, “Then where did he go? When will he be back?” “Why do you have so much nonsense! Are you a sparrow, chattering incessantly!” The woman yelled directly at her with an angry face. Florence froze in place for a moment and flickered her expression. She was shocked. This woman had a bad temper, right? She stood awkwardly in place for a moment, not knowing what to do. The woman gave her a disgusted glare and had no intention of answering her questions. She turned around to leave. Florence panicked. If this woman did not say anything, where was she going to find Ernest? She did not know anything about the situation here either. When she was troubled, at that moment, three little heads emerged from the window. They were all five or six years old children, two boys and a girl. One of the boys yelled, “Pretty girl, that handsome boy has gone to the palace. ” They were supposedly talking about Ernest. But, palace? The special term made Florence feel surprised. She hurriedly asked, “Little girl, may I ask is this place Raflad?” The little girl nodded obediently, “Yes. ” She was overjoyed, it was Raflad! She and Ernest were unexpectedly rescued from a desperate situation and found this country. Florence said excitedly, “Little girl, can you bring me to the palace?” It was very uncomfortable for her to wake up in a strange place. Being disliked as well as scolded by the owner of the house made her feel even more uncomfortable and uneasy. All she wanted to do now was to find Ernest quickly. She wanted to see him and make sure that he was safe and sound. The little girl’s eyes flickered and she hesitated. “We can’t go into the palace, I can take you to a place nearby . ” “What are you talking about? Is the palace a place for a lowly person like you to go near?” The woman who walked to the door scolded the girl. The little girl immediately lowered her head. It was obvious that she got scolded quite often and was afraid of this woman. Florence frowned. She did not like the fierce woman. “I’ll go there myself. ” She looked at the pyjamas she was wearing, “Can I have the clothes which I was wearing before? I would like to change my clothes

But with such a big family business, why was the mistress doing all the little things like taking care of people herself? Was there no maid?Florence was puzzled. But no one could answer her questions. So, she went to the dressing room to change her clothes

. The nightgown was a straight dress that came right down to her ankles, but because of the soft material, her breasts would be exposed easily. It was safer to change into her own clothes quickly. Florence searched all the rooms nearby but could not find the dressing room that the woman mentioned. All the rooms were identically furnished, with only a clean bed and no other furniture, and no place to put anything. Where were the clothes?Florence was depressed. She had to walk out of this small living room and walked to the courtyard. She saw the three children who were crouching in the courtyard quietly watching her. These three children were playing here, they should be from this family, they must have known the environment better than her. Florence smiled as she walked towards them. She said in a gentle tone, “Children, do you know where the dressing room is?”The two little boys looked at her in unison and shook their heads. Florence was surprised. They did not know?The little girl blinked her eyes and looked at her. She said, “Pretty girl, I know where the dressing room is, I’ll take you there. ”This little girl had a good smile on her face, she looked like an angel. Florence loved her even more. She nodded hurriedly, “Okay, thank you. ”The little girl immediately stood up and jumped up and down while walking in the direction opposite to the hut where she was sleeping. They went through a small garden. She was surprised that the dressing room was so far away from the place where they slept. The two little boys consciously followed behind the little girl. They were like two little tails. Every now and then the little girl looked at Florence. She said with a smile,“Pretty girl, they are my elder brothers. I usually get their clothes for them to wear, so they don’t know where the dressing room is. ”The little girl’s words made Florence feel shocked. These two little boys were actually her elder brothers? Moreover, why did the little girl have to go get clothes for them to wear every day?