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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 496: Bluff

The fruit juice bottle in Florence’s hands dropped to the ground with a bang. Her face turned as pale as a sheet of paper, and she was trembling violently. So Benjamin had seen it?! She was finished! This matter could no longer be handled properly. Benjamin turned around to look at Florence, the smile on his lips even more sure and arrogant. Ernest stared straight at Benjamin, his grave expression suddenly changed to one of indifference, the corner of his lips raised in a sarcastic smile. He turned around and sat down casually on the bench. “Mr. Turner, are you addicted to calling ‘brother’? Didn’t it hurt enough last time?” His tone was mocking and scornful. As if he was talking to a shameless man that was kneeling on the ground. The smile on Benjamin’s face froze and turned into one of awkwardness. He gritted his teeth, “Aren’t you afraid that I will tell people about the messages on your computer? Ernest, you still have time to be honest with me, if I am satisfied I will let you go. ” “Then go ahead and tell. ” Ernest said indifferently, his posture calm and collected, “If you have anything to say, go ahead. ” Benjamin’s expression froze a little, his lips twitched, but he didn’t manage to say anything. Florence looked on stunned at the confrontation between the two men. She then turned to look at Benjamin’s defeated and angry expression. She suddenly understood. Benjamin had seen nothing just now, he was only acting, intentionally bluffing them. If Ernest had been shocked and lost his calm, they would have been exposed. That was close. As an afterthought, Florence shuddered in fear. This Benjamin could stoop so low. She said in disgust, “Mr. Turner, have you not made enough fuss about the face examination last time? Now you’re even here accusing Clarence of being Ernest. If you continue this way, even if I have to make a fuss, I wouldn’t allow you to stay at the Fraser family as a guest!” Florence said the last two words heavily, reminding Benjamin that he was only a guest, that he was an outsider. The owner had the right to chase him away at any point in time. Benjamin’s expression was unhappy, feeling extremely unsatisfied. Even though he hadn’t managed to successfully bluff Clarence, but he had managed to surprise Florence. Her reaction to dropping her fruit bottle was too real, and that had reflected her guilt. This guy in front of him, there was an eighty to ninety per cent chance that he was Ernest! Benjamin pursed his lips, tightening his fingers in the pocket of his pants, he pressed on something, and with a calm look, as if nothing had happened, he sat down next to Clarence on the stone bench

” His expression was very sincere, his attitude earnest as if he was here to apologize. If he hadn’t been using the issue of the computer to anger Ernest just a few seconds ago, Florence would have believed him. Why was this person’s acting skills so good, why was he so shameless?Florence despised him

. Benjamin looked as if he hadn’t realized anything at all, and continued smiling at Ernest, “Mr. Jenkins, can you accept my apology, no hard feelings from now onwards? We still have to stay under the same roof with the Fraser family for a long time. We’ll see each other often, so let’s be friends. ”Ernest’s gaze was dark and deep, he looked on coldly at Benjamin’s acting. His lips raised, his tone careless, “Alright. ”Simply one word. The smile on Benjamin’s lips froze. Although he had agreed, this attitude showed that he couldn’t care less, it was just to dismiss him. When had he ever received this type of treatment?!He was so upset he couldn’t wait to tear off Clarence’s mouth. But on his face, he continued to carry an elegant, sincere and friendly smile. He said again, “I rest assured this way. But a fuss was kicked up that day, you were publicly doubted and people were touching your face. Mr. Jenkins, I hope that incident hadn’t left you with any trauma?”His smile was friendly, but every word felt like daggers. He was indeed a smiling tiger. Florence was fuming with rage, she wanted to flip the table and chase him away any time. At this moment, a hand reached out under the table, pressed on the cold back of her hand, and gently patted it, motioning for her to calm down. Florence turned to look at Ernest, his expression was calm and collected, she couldn’t tell what he was feeling at all, he looked as if everything was under his control. Her heart calmed down a little, it was just Benjamin, Ernest could handle him. Ernest’s lips raised a little, and he said with a calm voice, “No. ”Another simple and dismissive answer. The smile on Benjamin’s face almost dropped. Once again his enthusiasm had been met by a cold response, this was indeed his first time facing this. Gritting his teeth silently, he continued smiling, and said casually, “But what happened that day embarrassed you, I still feel bad thinking about it. The face is really important, and you had to let people’s hands touch it, what’s more, there were wounds on Collin’s hands. You must have felt very uncomfortable when you were being touched right?”There were wounds on Collin’s hands?Ernest’s eyes narrowed slightly, this was an obvious trap.