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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 71: Both Company and Private Properties Belongs to You

Both of them took the VIP lift and reached the highest floor- the President's Office on the 99th floor. The glass door of the office wasn’t shut tight. It was half-opened as if someone was waiting for Florence. Timothy stood at the door, and he took a step back when he saw Florence. He reached out his hand and showed Florence the direction into the office. “Ms. Fraser, please. ” Florence smiled at him. She walked towards the door and knocked on it. At the same time, she had a clear look at the whole office. The office was huge, extremely huge. The gigantic French window provided a spacious look for the room. Two people were sitting on the genuine leather couch in the room. Ernest and Anthony. Ernest raised his eyes and saw Florence. There was a hint of tenderness in his eyes. “Come in,” Ernest said in a lowered tone. Florence walked into the room with her luggage. She politely nodded at Anthony as a form of greeting. Anthony was surprised by Florence's appearance. He sized up Florence and the stuff she carried. Anthony hesitated for a second before he realized the reason why Florence was here. “Ernest, you are telling me that Florence is the genius designer I was waiting for?” Ernest nodded and took a sip of his coffee. Then he told Florence, “Anthony will be in-charged of your work from today onwards. Look for him if you have any questions. ” The way Ernest gave his command in a casual tone as if Anthony was just an ordinary Director. Anthony’s lips twitched. He wanted to remind Ernest so much that he was the Vice President of the Hawkins Group. Was it really a good idea for Ernest to ask him to take charge of a new designer’s work? He should be more cautious in jobbery. Florence felt relieved when she knew Anthony was in-charge of her work. After all, he wasn’t really a stranger to her. She smiled, “Anthony, thank you for your guidance. ” “Of course. ” Of course, he would take care of Mr. Hawkins’s little girlfriend. However, Anthony was still feeling curious

After that, he brought Florence back to the President’s Office. Anthony walked into the office first with a proud look, “Ernest, what do you think?” Anthony pointed in the direction of the entrance. Ernest was dealing with some documents when Anthony walked in

. He put down his pen and looked in the direction of the entrance. He then saw a pretty lady appeared in his sight. Florence was wearing a white blouse and a skirt. The outfit brought out the best in Florence’s figure. Her legs seemed extra eye-catching as they looked fair, long, and seemed almost perfect. This style seemed to be more attractive when Florence was wearing them compared to the other women. It wasn’t tacky at all. Instead, Ernest thought she looked extra fine. This was a perfect style for her, but…Ernest turned and looked at Anthony. He didn’t seem to be very pleased, “Her skirt was too short. Change it. ” Florence heard Ernest's word as she walked into the office. She lowered her head and looked at her skirt? Short? But most of the people were wearing skirts at this length. It seemed normal for her. Anthony’s lips twitched, “But you asked for a complete makeover. ”“Does it have to be revealing to call it a makeover?”Ernest asked. His cold tone didn’t sound like a safe signal. Anthony was speechless. He didn’t need to explain so much to a man in love. Florence felt speechless too. If what she was wearing considered revealing, then what should she wear? Long sleeves and pants?Anthony looked hopeless, “Let’s go. Let’s get you to change. ”Florence was dispirited as well but since Ernest is the President, the big boss of the company, and even the Vice President needed to listen to him, what opinion can she, as an employee, raise?Florence had no choice but to follow Anthony and headed to the exit. At the same time, the glass door was pushed open from the outside. Harold’s cheerful voice sounded from behind the door. “Great news, Ernest! Your Gemma came back!”Harold only realized there were others in the room after finishing his sentence. He was especially surprised when he saw Florence was in the room as well. Harold covered his mouth in terror. Florence was stunned. She noticed what Harold said- your Gemma. There was a strange feeling in her heart after hearing what Harold said.