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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 370: Breaking Down

Wendell didn’t have the heart to see him so disappointed. He tried to convince Ernest, “Ernest, there are so many women in this world. You don’t have to stick on Florence. She’s the only daughter of the Fraser family. She also has her responsibilities and mission on her shoulders. Even if you have found her, you won’t have a future with her. “Her life has been planned in advance, including his marriage. ” “Her life belongs to me,” Ernest answered affirmatively, stressing each syllable. Ernest stood upright like a never falling benchmark. He would find Florence. He wouldn’t give up even if he had to go to the most humble corners of the world or he couldn’t sleep for decades. He had given up once, which turned out to be the biggest regret in his life. He had paid enough cruel prices for it. He missed her. He wouldn’t let this happen again in his life. -- Since their clue with Wendell was broken. Other clues were all broken. Ernest had used all his force and dug out all people from the Fraser family who still remained outside, but they ended up in the same way as Wendell. They were all forbidden to get back to the Fraser family. The penalty period was three years at the least. Ernest couldn’t wait for them for three years. What if their penalty period would be extended in three years? However, after that, he couldn’t find any clue at all, and nor did he find any way to locate the Fraser family, which was like a fairyland that didn’t exist at all. He had looked every corner of the world but still failed to find its trace. Suffered, Ernest had lost at least ten kilograms. He only slept for two hours every three days. His immune system was weakened. However, he was quite stubborn, looking for Florence with all his means without caring about anything. He was in a panic, afraid that if he wouldn’t be about to find her, he would probably lose her forever. For him, the time was his deadly poison. However, he could only watch the time pass day by day, but still, he didn’t have any information about her. Ernest was so irritated and furious, but he couldn’t do anything at all. He kept wondering where on earth Florence was. “Knock. Knock. Knock. ” There were slight knocks on the door of the study. Soon, the door was pushed open from the outside. Ernest looked up, only to find that it wasn’t Timothy who came to report something but it was Georgia. Then he lowered his head and continued with his work. Georgia walked in. Looking at Ernest, she stiffed at the spot as if she was struck by the lightning. She had never seen Ernest in such a miserable status

” The only thing Georgia could do now was to convince Ernest. She was sure that as long as Florence didn’t want to come back, nobody in this world could find her. The Fraser family was indeed a terribly isolated existence

. Ernest pressed his lips. Ignoring Georgia’s words, he continued doing what he was busy with. He would never give up. Looking at Ernest’s stubborn face, Georgia felt sorry for him and a strong migraine. If he kept doing it, Ernest would get sick absolutely. However, once Ernest had made up his mind, he would be quite stubborn. Nobody could make him change his mind. Georgia heaved a sigh, shaking her head again and again. What a tragedy!“Ernest, you can’t find the Fraser family. You should give up. ”With a helpless sigh, she walked away with heave steps. She was wondering if she should ask someone to give Ernest’ some sleeping pills or a tranquilizer so he could be forced to rest. While she was thinking, suddenly she heard a big bang behind her. She immediately turned around, only to see Ernest fall on the floor. Bloodstains were on his pale lips. “Ernest!”Looking at the bloodstain on his lips, Georgia paled and couldn’t help trembling. It seemed the most horrible history repeated. She trembled so hard. After a long while, she finally returned to her senses and yelled, “Help! Call the doctor! Call the doctor!”The rain drizzled and fell. In a cemetery in the west suburbia of City N, an old woman with gray hair was standing in front of a tombstone. She was soaked in the rain, but she didn’t feel it at all. Staring at the two names on the tombstone, she looked sad and depressed. “William, Jennifer, I’m sorry. I didn’t take good care of Ernest. He. he. ”She choked between sobs. Tears streamed down from her eyes, mixed with the rain. She continued in difficulty regretfully, “It’s all my fault. I made him miss Florence and the best curing time. His illness has broken out now. ”Her last words were squeezed from her mouth, full of desperate sorrow. Until now, she could still remember that Jennifer had got so sick because of this illness. At such a young age, she passed away on the bed. And her son, William, became so sad and passed away because of depression shortly after his wife’s death. It was a genetic disease without any medical resolution in the world, and it was a genetic disease of the Turner family. Only the Fraser family could save their lives. Therefore, there was an unwritten regulation between the Turner family and the Fraser family in generations - their late generations would get married.