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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 649: Breaking In

In a hurry, she picked up the phone and dialed Ernest’s number. However, she only heard the robotic reply that the call couldn’t be connected. The number was Ernest’s private number, which always stood by twenty-four hours a day. How could it be connected? The more Florence wondered, the more panicked she became. She dared not to delay any longer. In a hurry, she put on her clothes and walked out of her bedroom. She rushed to Phoebe’s room, knocking on her door. “Who is it?” Phoebe mumbled sleepily. Florence asked anxiously, “Phoebe, have you seen Ernest before going to bed?” “No, I haven’t. ” After she heard a few sounds in the room, Phoebe came to open the door in pajamas. As soon as the door was opened, Phoebe saw how panicked Florence was. She asked nervously, “Flory, what happened? Is Ernest missing?” Florence nodded. “Yes. I came back with him, but when I woke up just now, I didn’t see him. I’m quite worried. ” “Please don’t worry. I’ll go with you to look for him. He’s probably busy with something. ” Phoebe wrapped her pajamas tightly, walking out of her bedroom. Florence was so uneasy that she wanted to leave immediately. Right then, a man’s voice was heard. “I’ll go with you girls. ” In the direction where the voice came from, they saw Clarence came out from his room. He was in loos pajamas, looking solemnly. He walked quite slowly. Florence was startled. She immediately refused, “No, thanks. Clarence, you haven’t recovered yet. You’d better go back to sleep. ” Clarence still walked towards Florence without a stop. “I’m almost recovered. You need more help. Don’t turn me down. Let’s go. ” Without giving Florence a chance to say no, Clarence turned around and walked out directly. He didn’t walk faster, but his tall and strong figure looked quite determined. Florence was worried about his health indeed. However, he was too strong to be stopped. For a moment, she didn’t know what to do. Phoebe cast a complicated glance at Clarence, understanding what was in his mind. He couldn’t fall in love with Florence, but once she needed help, he must be with her

I will wake my Mom up. ” The bodyguard looked as if he was in a dilemma. “Miss Fraser, I don’t think it’s appropriate

. Mrs. Fraser doesn’t have a good sleep quality recently. She told us that nobody could disturb her at night. It’s past midnight now. Miss Fraser, why don’t you come back tomorrow morning?” Tomorrow morning? Florence wondered what would happen by then. The more she wondered, the more uneasy she became. She directly pulled a long face and put on airs. She snapped, “What if I insist on entering?”The bodyguards stood together more closely. They said, “Miss Fraser, please don’t make it difficult for us. ”“Move! Or, you all are so fired!” Florence raised her tone and snapped them fiercely. All the bodyguards’ expressions changed. If Florence said so, they would be fired definitely, which meant that they would be kicked out of the Fraser family. They would end up miserably for sure. However, if they let Florence get in, they would probably fail to cover what was going on with Ernest now. They would be so doomed. The bodyguards were in a dilemma, their faces becoming livid. However, they were still standing there motionlessly without moving at all. They were like a wall in front of Florence. No matter how fierce she was, she couldn’t go in. The more they behaved so, the more worried she became. She couldn’t help wondering what on dear was going on inside. Would her mother do anything to Ernest?Her mind was in a mess. Feeling irritated, she reached out to push the bodyguards. “Move! Make the way! I’m Miss Fraser. Don’t you listen to me? Get out of here!”However, she tried her best effort and used up all her strength, the bodyguards still refused to move. They were like statues in front of her. Florence felt a chill rising on her spine, so annoyed. When she was too depressed to know what to do, someone grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back. Clarence stood in front of her and whispered, “Let me try it. Later, you can grasp the chance and sneak in. ”Florence was confused, wondering what he was going to do. Before she could understand, Clarence suddenly bumped into the bodyguards. The tall and strong bodyguards slightly moved, but they still stood there motionlessly. However, Clarence didn’t give up. He bumped into the bodyguards on his shoulders. At the same time, he let out a scream. “Ouch, my arms!”