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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 236: Breakup

“Mr. Hawkins!” Florence suddenly called his name in a loud voice, gritting her teeth. Her sharp voice was like a dagger that cut in the stressful atmosphere in the suite. She turned around and looked at him coldly. Her determination made Ernest’s heart sink. “We only have an agreement from the very beginning, and that was the only connection between us. The deadline for our agreement has long passed. After returning to City N, I’ll tell Grandma Georgia to call off our engagement. ” Ernest’s body was stiffened. Florence continued, “Before that, Mr. Hawkins, I hope you can arrange everything to deal with the consequences. Also, please don’t mind my privacy. ” Her each word was trying to draw a clear distinction with him, pushing him further and further. She didn’t give him any chance decisively. Ernest gazed at Florence. “Are you so determined to call off the engagement with me?” Ernest’s voice was quite low as if each word seemed to be quite stressful. Florence, who could speak fluently, suddenly felt that she couldn’t find the right word to answer. She just felt too depressed that she flustered. She realized that if she answered his question, it seemed that everything would be confirmed. For some reason, she felt quite sad. Clenching her fists tightly, Florence hummed to answer him. After the syllable fell from her tongue, the suite quieted down horribly in an instant. Ernest gazed at Florence. In his deep eyes, the glint slowly dimmed, and his darkened eyes made her uneasy. He stood upright, and his tall and strong body seemed to petrify into a statute. After a long while, he whispered in difficulty, “Please leave. ” Florence’s body shook slightly, which could barely be seen. His words reechoed in her heart. Finally, he let her go. It was a result that she had been longing for a long time. However, when she finally succeeded, she didn’t feel relaxed or delighted at all. Instead, she found it so hard to breathe as if she was a fish out of water. Looking at Ernest’s silent handsome face. He still looked gorgeous, but the disappointment on his face was like an invisible gap between him and her. Neither could cross it. Neither should resist because this was the distance that they ought to keep. Florence suppressed her depression, tightened her grip on the handle of the luggage, turned around, and walked out quickly. Her paces were fast, messy, and panicked as if she was escaping from jeopardy. Perhaps only she knew that she was afraid of regret if she didn’t walk so fast. Ernest watched the petite figure disappear from his sight in a hurry, his face darkened

I can hail a taxi myself. Please go back to your work. ”She thought that Timothy was going out for business

. When he saw her coming out, he wanted to give her a ride by the way. However, Timothy smiled. “Ms. Fraser, I’m here for giving you a ride deliberately. Mr. Hawkins told me to do so. ”Florence was taken aback again. Did Ernest tell him to do so?She wondered who Ernest knew that she was going out. Also, what he meant to give her a ride at this moment?Or, did Ernest mean to drive her away from here and let her stay in Philus Hotel so that he wouldn’t feel bothered?Under such a circumstance, it would be best for them to stay in separate places and not meet. Florence became more depressed. Her body tightened, she stood there and said, “Please wait for a moment, Timothy. I’m going to get my luggage. ”“You don’t have to,” Reynold interrupted her while walking out of the hotel before Florence could finish her words. He strode over to Florence, gazing at her deeply with concerns and worries. “Since there’s a vacant room here, it’s more convenient for you to stay here and also you can save much time to work. You don’t need to stay in Philus Hotel. I’ll drive you there to get your belongings over here. ”Florence was a bit surprised at Reynold’s appearance. She was more surprised that it seemed that he had known quite a lot of things. She stood there motionlessly, hesitating. Although it was the most convenient for her to stay in this hotel, she could always meet Ernest here. At such a moment, she felt quite awkward. As if he had figured out what in Florence’s mind, Reynold added, “Even if you stay in Philus Hotel, you have to come over for work every day. It would be too troublesome for you to go back and forth. ”His words did make sense. Florence kept silent and didn’t answer. Although it was indeed convenient for her to stay here if Ernest wasn’t willing to let her continue staying here. “Ms. Fraser, I agree with Mr. Myron. If you stay in another hotel, it’s too inconvenient for you to go back and forth. I can drive you to Philus Hotel and get your belongings back,” Timothy said with a smile. Florence was startled, looking at Timothy in surprise. She was confused. Didn’t Timothy come here to send her away? She wondered what Ernest meant exactly.