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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 495: Brother-in-law, Should I Say It?

Stanford was a perfectionist; he had never failed in anything. Seeing him being inexperienced gave Collin a golden opportunity to tease him. “A couple acted like total strangers when they argued but become inseparable the next second is completely normal. Short separation enhances the sweetness. ” Stanford widened his eyes in disbelieve. The difference was too huge, there was no principle line? Collin patted Stanford’s shoulder and endured his laughter. “It’s time for you to find a lover, have some experience in a romantic relationship or your sister will laugh at you. ” “Crap!” Stanford defended with a stiffened face, “There’s an ongoing war in Africa, and they need military doctor…” “Stanford! You should be single for life! You are too good to be someone’s partner, I mean it!” Collin’s smiley face turned soft, he uttered out the word using a flattering tone like a dog waving its tail. Stanford stood up. “Just to be safe, go and visit Flory whenever you are free, keep an eye on them. ” “Okay! As you wish. ” Collin replied. Stanford was his superior, there was a limit of the teasing, or else he might send him to Africa. He had been there once and didn’t intend to go back. Stanford’s face turned softer, he poured himself another full glass of wine. He had a sip and sunken into his thinking. Perhaps Collin was right, he was being too suspicious? As Collin said, he had no experience in this and didn’t understand much about an intimate relationship, he couldn’t conclude. Collin shook his head and laughed seeing Stanford got sunken into his thinking. Even if there was a problem with Clarence and Florence, he couldn’t have noticed it since he had got no experience at all. Unless he… But it was related to Florence, he had to take a look when he was free. They continued drinking with different thoughts in their heads. In the meantime, a dark figure at the dark corner of the hall walked away discreetly

Ernest took out his notebook and start working. When he was at work, he was Ernest, not Clarence, so there must be no one around when he was working. Florence would be the one that attended to his needs at all times

. Ernest’s injured arms had not recovered so Florence prepared him fruit juice instead of alcohol. She walked at a medium pace with a tray of fruit juice but she saw a tall figure standing not far from the resting house. The position was right behind Ernest. Florence took a deep breath, Ernest is Clarence now but was working on works that Ernest did. For those who are familiar, they could tell in one glance that something was wrong!“Benjamin, what are you doing?” Florence was infuriated and rushed to the resting house in an instant. Ernest frowned and closed his notebook immediately. He turned his body and looked to his back. With his sharp eyes, he said, “Never thought that Benjamin likes peeping. ”Florence skipped a heartbeat, she was anxious and nervous, how much had Benjamin seen? Did he see something important…?Benjamin felt unhappy but he had good control over his emotion and lifted his lips. He walked towards them casually. “I was passing by and wanted to say hi, but saw something that should not be seen accidentally. ” He saw it! Florence stiffened; the fruit juice on her hands almost fell off. Benjamin didn’t like Ernest from the start; he always tried to find fault in Ernest. He planned for the face investigation and now he won’t easily let go since he saw something. Ernest prepared earlier for the face investigation and was able to avoid it smoothly, but this time, he saw it right here, how could she resolve this? Florence was as nervous as a cat on hot bricks. Ernest’s sights turned darker, he stood up straight and looked calm. He looked at Ernest, “Oh? Do you mind sharing what did you see?” Benjamin approached Ernest and stood only two steps away in front of him. He looked straight at him fiercely. He threatened, “Should I say it, brother in law?”