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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 226: Brushing Past

Timothy asked all the coworkers in Riverside City, but nobody had seen Florence. Of course, she was not in any of their rooms. Ernest frowned more deeply, wondering where else Florence could be since she was not in the hotel. “Mr. Hawkins, Ms. Fraser might be having a walk nearby the hotel,” Timothy said gingerly. Ernest stood at the entrance of the hotel. Under the cold wind, he frowned more deeply. It was super cold at night in Riverside City. Florence didn’t put on many clothes. Ernest was afraid that she would catch a cold when having a walk at such a temperature. “Send all our men in Riverside City and search around the hotel trawling Florence. Call me when you find her. ” After finishing his order to Timothy, Ernest immediately strode out of the hotel. Timothy asked, “Excuse me, Mr. Hawkins. Where are you going now?” “Looking for her,” Ernest answered coldly. Then he strode forward. The hotel was built in a highly developed area of Riverside City. When Ernest came out of the hotel, there were multiple streets in front of him. Hence, he could just look for Florence on his assumption about where she might have gone. In City N, Florence liked to have a walk on the street where there were not so many passers-by but quite bright. From the entrance of the hotel, only the roads that led to Riverbank Park matched this condition. Hence, Ernest strode in this direction. Subconsciously, Florence indeed headed towards this direction. She didn’t know how far she had gone, and then she saw Riverbank Park when raising her head. Although it was already late at night, there were still a lot of people having a walk there, so it seemed to be quite crowded. However, with her current embarrassing look and a man’s jacket on her shoulders, Florence didn’t think it was appropriate for her to show up in such a lively place. Feeling more depressed, Florence turned around and was about to walk in another direction. When she turned around, she saw Reynold. He was standing in front of her, blocking her way with his tall and strong figure. Florence was confused. “Mr. Myron, what are you doing?” “It’s too late now. Where else are you going?” Reynold gazed at Florence, his deep eyes full of worries and concerns. Florence was startled by his question. Where else was she going? She didn’t know where she could go right now. Riverside City was such a big city, but she had nowhere to go. “Florence, if you don’t want to go back to that hotel, I can help you check in another hotel instead. ” Reynold didn’t suggest anything else but only provided her with an option. Florence’s mind was still in a mess. She subconsciously answered, “But I didn’t bring along my ID card

When she was about to look at him carefully, the cab was sped up and driven forward. The back of the figure was farther and farther away from her. Soon it disappeared from her sight

. “What are you looking at, Florence?” Reynold also looked out of the window in confusion. Florence withdrew her gaze and shook her head. “Nothing. ”She was sure that was just her illusion. How could Ernest come here?In another hotel, Reynold checked in a room for her. Florence followed him upstairs and walked into the room. Reynold put the room card into the electricity slot. He looked around the room and deliberately checked if the lock on the door was secure enough. After ensuring everything, he still was a bit worried. He said, “I’m still worried to let you stay here alone. How about I also check in another room next door?”“No, thanks, Mr. Myron. Your villa wasn’t far away from here. Why would you want to check in here? Besides, this is a five-star hotel. There are so many security guards. It should be quite safe,” Florence immediately refused. She had troubled Reynold much and didn’t want to keep bothering him. Seeing that Florence was so determined, Reynold couldn’t insist. She was already depressed tonight. He didn’t want to make her more upset. Reynold smiled considerately and said, “All right. If anything happens or you need anything, just call me immediately. I can be here in five minutes. ”“Sure,” Florence nodded without telling Reynold that she even hadn’t taken along her cell phone. After giving her some more advice, Reynold set off in concerns. Originally, he had planned to stay and accompany Florence more. However, she looked quite down and didn’t want to talk, he realized that she wanted to be with herself in peace. Seeing Reynold off, Florence collapsed on the bed weakly. Staring at the strange ceiling, she felt a mess in her mind. Things that happened between Ernest and her automatically flashed through her mind. His touches, scent, and violation were still around her as if they were still happening. But she. She didn’t feel disgusted. She felt more flustered and scared. She was afraid that they would truly have sex, be tangling with each other, and even she would have uncontrollable feelings for him. “Pak! Pak!”Florence patted on her face, getting those messy thoughts out of her mind to keep herself sober. It was way dangerous for her to stay with Ernest. She decided that she must keep her distance from Ernest in the future.