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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 382: But I Missed You

The familiar scent overwhelmed her immediately, making Florence’s heart trembling fiercely. She even didn’t need to look up at his face and she could recognize who he was. “Ernest Hawkins, what are you doing? Let go of me!” she said in a panic, trying to push him away. Ernest, however, grabbed Florence’s resisting hands and pushed her forward, pressing her onto the wall. His tall and strong body stood in front of her like a big mountain, the shadow fully covering her. Looking down, he gazed at her with his deep eyes. “Florence, you’ve been hiding from me for long enough!” Each of his words was like accusing her. Florence was taken aback for a moment. She didn’t understand - she had just gone back home. Why did he accuse her of hiding from him? She wondered if he had been searching for her in the past few weeks. Florence’s mind was in a mess, gaping at Ernest. She couldn’t return to her senses for a long time. Ernest bent down his head slightly, approaching her closer. When he spoke, all the breath from his mouth was oncoming to Florence’s face. Her voice was so deep that he sounded quite ambiguous and seductive, “You want to leave as soon as seeing me. Haven’t you missed me?” Feeling the warmth and tickles on her face, Florence felt as if a small flame burned from her face all the way to her heart. Her thoughts about him that she was struggling to press were like the volcano, that would erupt immediately. However, she gritted her teeth to suppress them, stubbornly hiding all her emotion. With a stiffened face, she uttered the word awkwardly, “Never!” Ernest squinted. “You heartless woman!” he cursed her unhappily. However, his handsome face got closer to her. Their breath mingled, and his thin lips almost kissed hers. In such a short distance, Florence was so nervous as if she almost would forget to breathe. She wondered what on earth he was doing. They had broken up and cut ties with each other completely. They shouldn’t be so close. Besides, he was the uncle of her nominal “fiancé”. He should know his identity. Florence was panicked and annoyed, turning away to dodge him. However, as soon as her neck moved, her chin was pinched by a knuckled big hand. He increased the strength a bit, forcing her to look up at him. He had been quite close to her originally. In an instant, his thin lips touched hers. They were a bit cool but seemed to have electricity, the thrill spreading all over Florence’s body immediately. She stiffed. His lips apart slightly, Ernest muttered in an extremely low voice, “But I missed you. ” As soon as the last syllable fell from the tip of his tongue, he sealed her lips. His kiss was hot, arrogant, and wild

Upon hearing her words, Florence blushed more deeply and felt more embarrassed. She was so panicked and didn’t dare to look at the maid. She didn’t know how to face Ernest’s rudeness

. “Please don’t misunderstand. I just got to know him. We have nothing to do with each other,” said Florence. The maid was more speechless, bending down her head lower. Florence shared a kiss with Mr. Ernest when she first met him. It seemed that she knew how to have fun, didn’t she?Ernest squinted, gazing at Florence with his deep and dangerous eyes. His tall and strong body approached her again. “Did we just meet?”The man’s aggressive breath came to her as if it would envelop and drown her again. Florence immediately tightened her body on an alert. She couldn’t stay here and be tangled with him any longer. She felt extremely embarrassed. “Mr. Hawkins, please be self-respect,” she said in a panic. Without any guts to look at him again, she gritted her teeth and trotted away in another direction. Ernest acted quickly and grabbed her wrist. He said in a helpless tone, “Florence, don’t go. ”His deep and magnetic voice sounded as if he asked her not to leave or escape from him again. Florence’s heart skipped a beat. The defense line in her heart was about to collapse in an instant, but she was very rational and sober. She must be misunderstanding him. He didn’t like her at all. How could he let her stay?No matter what she was thinking about, she was just self-sentimental. “I don’t have anything to talk to you about. Let go of me!”Florence tried the best effort to shake off Ernest’s grip. Without looking at him again, she turned around and trotted away quickly in small paces. She didn’t look like a gentlewoman at all, but she didn’t care. She was escaping as if the man behind were a monster. However, only she herself knew that she was just afraid that she would be reluctant to leave if she spared him another glance. After all, she had encountered Ernest in Farnfoss City that was thousands of miles away, which was a beautiful untrue illusion. He seemed to have appeared to ease her lovesickness. In an instant, it would become something in vain. She wasn’t able to grab him and she wouldn’t.