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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 662: Can You Bear It

Instantly, Stanford’s eyes squinted. The aura emanated from him became a bit stressed. Stanford gazed at the box of the morning-after pill. After a long time, he squeezed a few words, “Why did you buy the morning-after pill?” He wondered if that was for her. Phoebe’s face became pale instantly. Subconsciously, she wanted to explain, “No. ” When her lips parted, she stopped explaining. The pills were for Florence, who reminded her again and again not to let Stanford know. If Phoebe explained, Stanford would know it, wouldn’t he? She couldn’t tell him. Without thinking too much, Phoebe immediately squatted down, picked up the box of the morning-after pill in a hurry, and hid it under other things. She acted fast in a panic, hurriedly picking up the things. Her movements made Stanford feel that she was covering something in a panic. As if there was a stone pressing on his chest, he even felt that his heart was difficult to beat. With a heavy breath, Stanford reached out and grabbed Phoebe’s arm. Phoebe had just lifted the bags, and she almost dropped them again. Stanford didn’t care about it at all. Gazing at Phoebe seriously, he squeezed words between his teeth, “Answer me. Why did you buy it?” The man suddenly approached her so aggressively, making her heart tightened. Phoebe looked pale. In a panic, she answered, “It’s none of your business. ” Her answer made Stanford feel that she was talking to a nosy stranger. Stafford stiffed, and even his hand was stiffened. Taking this opportunity, Phoebe broke free from Stanford’s grip. Without sparing a glance at him, she held the bags tightly, turned around, and trotted away. She trotted so fast as if the man behind her was a beast. Stanford didn’t chase her, standing motionlessly at the spot. Looking at her escaped figure, he felt as if the flesh of his heart was dug away bit by bit. He felt a strong pain. After they came back to Fraser’s house this time, Phoebe had been keeping her distance from him. They became less and less close, almost two strangers who would never have anything to do with each other. However, she. At the thought of the morning-after pill on the floor just now, Stanford breathed more heavily. He wondered if she was using it. Did she have a new boyfriend now? Comparing with her estrangement and distance to him, this matter was like the last straw that killed the camel and made Stanford extremely irritable. He had an impulse to kill. “Addison,” he said in a cold tone. Addison suddenly appeared like a ghost, standing upright

Otherwise, why would she need it?” His words were reechoing in Stanford’s ears. Stanford wondered with whom Phoebe prepared to use it. His expression changed all of a sudden just like from sunny to the thunderstorm, and his face was darkened

. Addison added, “Besides, I heard that Miss Jenkins is planning to leave here in a few days and go back to City N. She’s so pretty and her family is rich. I’m sure there were bunches of men chasing after her in City N. “After she gets back, she probably will be ready to fall in love again and get a new boyfriend soon. ”Bang!Before he finished his words, Addison was kicked away by Stanford. Landing on the floor with his butt, Addison felt such a big pain. With his twisted face, he wanted to curse. He was speaking to Mr. Fraser properly, but why did he kick him so suddenly?Feeling so annoyed, Addison looked up, only to find that Stanford’s face had become extremely darkened. Stanford emanated a low pressure, showing that he was so irritated as if he would kill at any time. In the past, whenever Stanford was like this, usually someone would die. Addison’s face went pale in fear. Supporting himself with both hands on the ground, he moved backward. He wanted to run away directly to survive. However, when he saw how angry Stanford was, he realized how much his words had stimulated Stanford’s emotion. Obviously, Stanford cared about Phoebe. Addison wondered why he never admitted it. If Stanford reached out, he would grab her for sure. Addison wondered why he would watch and let her leave. He worried about Stanford. Biting the bullet, he said, “Mr. Fraser, think about it. If Miss Jenkins had a new boyfriend or would marry another man, would you feel happy? Can you bear it? Now it’s not late yet. Probably, you can take her to Raflad with you. ”Even if Stanford hadn’t made up his mind, it would be good to take Phoebe with him. In that case, their love would be improved. Probably they could progress forward. Stanford looked more irritated as if there were dark clouds around him, just like the dark sky right before a tornado. Pressing his thin lips tightly, he parted them and said in a cold tone, “Why can’t I bear it? Her matters have nothing to do with me. ”Addison choked up. ‘Mr. Fraser, you look really fake for denying with your lips but affirm in your heart, OK?’His lips parted and he wanted to speak something else but was interrupted by Stanford’s cold voice.