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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 91: Can You Move Your Leg? Just a Little Bit.

As Florence could not see the contents of the document from her current position, she had to walk to Ernest's side. Nevertheless, Ernest put the folder at a very low position, and it took her great efforts to view the documents even if she stooped. Ernest said like he was giving her a reward, "Sit down. " "Okay. " Florence did not think too much about it. She sat down beside Ernest outright and finally saw the contents that Ernest was talking before. She hurriedly started to explain it to him in a professional manner. Ernest fixed his eyes on the woman that was quite close to him. Smelling the faint scent from her body, thin lips were inexplicably curled up into a small smiling arc. This woman had been accustomed to being in close contact with him. He casually pointed at one place on the document, "What does this mean?" Gemma watched the scene in disbelief, her face gradually turning pale. She was quite clear about Ernest's educational background and his insights, and apparently he must know the answers for the questions that he asked Florence just now. But he deliberately pretended to be confused and asked those questions. It was safe to say that he… The two of them were quite close and Florence was sitting by Ernest’s side while Ernest was listening to her explanation intently. Their relationship seemed to be indescribably harmonious. Gemma tightly clenched her fists with rampant jealousy in her heart. She had never thought that Ernest would like Florence to such an extent. In order to get closer to Florence, he even applied such childish tricks. After explaining a bunch of questions to Ernest, Florence finally finished the speech when she felt thirsty. At the moment she finished speaking, Ernest handed her a cup of warm milk. "Thanks. " Having been speaking for a long while, Florence felt very thirsty. She took the milk from Ernest and finished it with a gulp. Ernest fixed his eyes on her with pampering in his eyes. Nevertheless, he himself didn't noticed it "When I came here just now, I was wondering why Ernest would prepare milk in his office. It turns out that it was prepared for you, Flory. " Gemma said surprisingly and there was a touch of teasing tone in her voice. It sounded like a joke between friends. But Florence had a totally different feeling when hearing the words. Gemma was actually Ernest’s girlfriend, so was she jealous? Florence was a bit flustered, and she hurriedly put down the milk. "Miss Marlon, don't misunderstand it. Mr. Hawkins has always prepared all kinds of beverages in his office. And he would offer it to everyone who comes to report work to him

" She was petrified and wanted stand up, but as she was in panic, she didn't notice the surroundings and the back of her head almost hit the roof of the car. "Stupid. " Ernest let out a low sigh, and reached out his arm outstretched to put his palm on Florence's head

. "Bang. "There came a hitting sound - Florence's head hit the palm of Ernest's hand. Feeling the wide palm on the top of her head, Florence stiffened abruptly and her heart missed one beat along with the surging of an indescribable feeling. He had protected her. The back seats could accommodate three people. Nevertheless, although Gemma wanted sit beside Ernest, she didn’t have the courage to do so. Only Florence had not been aware that among the three of them, Gemma was an outsider. She gritted her teeth to suppress the resentment and jealousy in her heart, and then got off the car and sat in the passenger seat. Then, she turned her head and looked at Florence with a smile, "Be careful, Flory. The space in the car is not big, and you'll be hit if not being careful. "Florence finally came back to her senses. When seeing Gemma who had seated herself in the passenger seat, she felt even more embarrassed. Gemma is Ernest’s real fiancée while she herself was a fake one. It was really inappropriate for her to sit next to Ernest. "Ahem. " Florence coughed awkwardly and moved to sit against the car window, trying to distance herself away from Ernest as far as possible. But Ernest didn’t restrict himself. He sat on the seat leisurely and stretched his long leg towards Florence to nudge her knee. Florence twitched her mouth, feeling quite speechless. Did having long legs mean that he could do that at will?While complaining about it inwardly, Florence moved her legs towards the car window. Ernest unconsciously curled his lips into a light smile when noticing her movements and moved her leg closer to Florence’s. As a result, Florence almost stuck herself onto the car door and car window and there was no room for her to move a little. Her leg touched Ernest’s in an intimate manner. If the space was crowded and there was no one else in the car, she might barely tolerate it. Nevertheless, now Gemma was sitting in the passenger seat. Didn’t Ernest know how to restrain himself?Florence peeked at Gemma in panic and anxiety, feeling like she was having a love affair with Ernest stealthily. She gritted her teeth, glared at Ernest, and said in a very low voice, "Mr. Hawkins, can you move your leg? Just a little bit. ""Nope. " Ernest denied without hesitation. He looked quite forthright, giving people a feeling that it was Florence who had dirty thought and had thought too much about it